Change Smoke Alarm Batteries Day

Change Smoke Alarm Batteries DayChange Smoke Alarm Batteries Day

Firebrigades and fire specialists urge all Australians to change their smoke detector alarm batteries whenever Daylight Saving starts or ends.

Residents are urged to change every smoke detector alarm battery.

So, get off your butts, and change those batteries..


Sadly, smoke detectors don't last forever, the sensor and electrical components become less sensitive over time. While you are changing the battery, check the back of the unit to see when your smoke detector expires. Hard-wired smoke alarms need to be replaced every 10 years. It's not a bad idea to replace smoke detectors every 10 years. No point having a detector that doesn't work properly.


Ensure that the smoke alarm operates by pushing and holding the test button after you have replaced the battery in your smoke alarm. You will need to hold the button for a couple of seconds before the sounder will activate. Once it activates, release the test button on the smoke alarm and you have finished your test.


Get a vacuum cleaner and put the vacuum nozzle up against the holes in the smoke alarm. This will suck any dust out of the sensor compartment and clean your detector. By doing this, you will minimise the likelihood of false alarms and lengthen the life of your detector. Store

Smoke Detectors

9V Batteries

AA Batteries

Household Wiring: Fusebox

Test. Reset. Protect.

While you're checking your smoke alarms, now is a great time to check your Fusebox!

Fire brigades respond to more than 300 domestic electrical fires each year. Many of these fires are caused by old wiring that has degraded or is unable to cope with the demands of modern electrical equipment. In addition to the risk of fire, contact with degraded wiring can be fatal.

How to test your safety switch

Follow these steps to check your safety switch every three months:

Melbourne Let everyone in your home know you're about to test the safety switch

Melbourne Press in the test buttons on each safety switch which will cut the power and trip the switch into the off position. You may hear a clunking sound.

Melbourne Check inside the home - there should be no power to lights, appliances and power switches on the circuit you are testing.

Melbourne Once you're confident that the power is off reset your safety switches by lifting or twisting the switch into the on position.

Melbourne If lights or appliances don't lose power then your safety switch may have failed. You should call a licensed electrician immediately to investigate.

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Change Smoke Alarm Batteries Day

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