Australian National Surfing Museum

Australian National Surfing Museum

The Australian National Surfing Museum is the world's largest surfing museum and is home to theAustralian Surfing Hall of Fame.

It is the only accredited surfing museum in the world and houses one of the Australia's largest collections of surfing and beach memorabilia.

The Australian national surfing museum in Torquay, Australia's surfing capital, celebrates the story of surfing.

The Australian national surfing museum celebrates the history of surfing in Australia. It tells the story of this country's rich beach culture and surfing heritage that has developed over the last one hundred years. A visit to the museum gives people the opportunity to immerse themselves in the beach experience and explore one of Australia's favourite pastimes.

Through themed exhibition spaces, visitors can relive time spent at the beach, or discover the intimate link between surfers and the breaking waves. Find out about surfing hero's and legends in the Australian surfing hall of fame, which celebrates the lives of Australian surfing champions.

Relax in the theatre and enjoy spectacular footage of surfers in action while you are surrounded by vintage surf memorabilia and an epic array of historic surfboards. Trace the development of the surfboard along the boardwalk as a breaking wave looms overhead. Explore the many elements that make surf culture, clothes and movies and walk through the ultimate surf mobile, the VW Kombi Van.

Whether you are eight or eighty-eight, at the Australian National Surfing museum you can ride a wave of history and discover how awesome and inspirational surfing can be.

Accessibility Information:
The Australian National Surfing Museum can be accessed via the main carpark off beach road with public access to the museum entrance via a ramp from the car park. Enter the museum via automated sliding doors and traverse the museum at your own pace with all museum displays on one level, and our theatre accessible via the boardwalk (ramp).

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