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Audience & Casting | TV

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View Event: The Project | Audience
The Project | Audience
It's news done differently. Guaranteeing no miracle diets, no stories that 'no parent can afford to miss', and virtually no dodgy plumbers, The Project is a TV show joining in the .. read on

View Event: Endemol Shine Australia | Casting
Endemol Shine Australia | Casting
We are always on the look out for fresh, inspiring and unique talent that will surprise and delight us and our viewers. Here are the shows currently open for casting: Family.. read on

View Event: MyCastingNet | TV Auditions: Now Casting
MyCastingNet | TV Auditions: Now Casting
MyCastingNet is a fully featured casting database & contact management system which allows you to create custom online applications and questionnaires at the touch of a button. .. read on

View Event: Have You Been Paying Attention? | Audience
Have You Been Paying Attention? | Audience
Join Australia's funniest comedians and favourite personalitie for a glimpse behind the scenes of Australia's funniest TV quiz show (including all the jokes too hot to air!) Reg.. read on

Audience & Casting | TV

Channel 7 - SEVEN - (03) 9697 7777

Channel 9 - NINE - (03) 9420-3111

Channel 10 - TEN - (03) 9275 1010

Channel 2 | ABC - (03) 9626 1771

Have You Been Paying Attention? | Audience

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