Arlene TextaQueen

Arlene Textaqueen is part super-hero, part artist-performance artist-art curator, and general all-round kooky Melbourne cultural character.

Texta's artwork is inspired by many things, but some of the key themes in her most recent work are queer and feminist culture, Australian national identity and voyeurism. Her work is an eccentric blend of at times quite politicised subject matter, balanced by a playful, cheeky aesthetic.

Texta' is Australian for felt-tip marker and I am Arlene TextaQueen, the felt-tip super-heroine. For over a decade, across Australia and North America, I have been asking unique women and queer performers to 'un-dress-up' as Textanudes.

In a collaborative exchange we choose props, poses and surrounds to reflect their persona, or on recent adventures into Naked Landscapes, to enact nude re-interpretations of Australian cultural and historical identities. Wherever we create, conversation and marker flow across the paper between us and a quote from our interchange bringing into focus our intimate dynamics is inked in, followed later by colourful detail.

My latest project is Textanudes 54 Pin-Up Playing Cards Mark II, and you've come to this site looking to purchase them please send an email to textasforever (at) gmail (dot) com with the subject heading CARDS and I'll arrange to post you some in the mail (cost $30 a pack). Paypal will be set up soon on my new website.

The Design Files

Below is a link to an excellent interview with Arlene TextaQueen by The Design Files, a daily design blog written by Melbourne set dresser / stylist Lucy Feagins.

Best galleries/spaces to see new contemporary art in Melbourne?

I love Sticky, the zine store under Degraves in the city. They are my hub to the creative world. Oh and of course, Brunswick Bound, the gallery I curate! There's still people whacking up good stuff in the street too, I hear.

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Arlene TextaQueen

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