Anti-Gravity Hill

Not far from Melbourne is one of its best kept secrets and most unusual and baffling places, Anti-Gravity Hill in Straws Lane, Woodend.

Standing near the bottom of a hill facing up hill, if you tip water onto the road it flows 'up' the hill not downhill as gravity would normally do. Place a ball on the road and the same thing happens, it rolls up hill. If you are in a car, stop at the bottom of the hill, place the drive in neutral and it will slowly roll UP the hill.. wtf!

Another writer describes it as.. magnetic pull | it’s a steep hill and cars appear to roll up the hill. If you run, it feels like you’re running downhill when you’re running up.

Anti-Gravity Hill

Anti-Gravity Hill is a country lane surrounded by a lop-sided landscape. A spirit level would show a slope going downwards, but your senses tell you it runs upwards. The best way to show the illusion is to stop the car, release the handbrake and say 'wow' when you start to roll apparently uphill. So popular is this pursuit that it has created one of the most dangerous stretches of road in Australia - anti-gravity experimenters run the gauntlet of trucks and tractors going about their normal business.

Call It?

It is hard to know exactly what to call it. We found many many references including anti-gravity hill, gravity hill, magnetic hill, mystery hill, mystery spot, gravity road plus there is gravity lane and anti-gravity lane.

A gravity hill is a place where the layout of the surrounding land produces the optical illusion that a downhill slope appears to be an uphill slope. Thus, a car left out of gear will appear to be rolling uphill against gravity.

There are hundreds of gravity ??? locations around the world. At the time of writing (25-8-2013) our Anti-Gravity Lane (Straws Lane, Woodend) is not mentioned in Wikipedia's List of gravity hills, but we will add it shortly.


There are many videos of Straw Lane, as this one by puppydoglover shows how her car rolls 'up' Anti-Gravity Hill - Straws Lane in Woodend.

How to get there

Anti-gravity hill is Straws Lane, Woodend, not far from Hanging Rock. Hanging Rock was made famous by the 1975 motion picture Picnic at Hanging Rock, which depicted the mysterious disappearance of three young schoolgirls and their teacher. They were never found.

Now, if you intend going.. its a nice day trip! Firstly, plan your trip and include Hanging Rock, Mount Macedon and surrounds. There is plenty to see and its a nice trip.

Woodend is roughly a one hour drive from Melbourne (77klm) up the Calder Highway. There is a train that goes through Woodend but there is no regular transport from there to Anti-Gravity Hill or Hanging Rock. We also could not find a regular tour to the area.

If you drive there, please note Anti-Gravity Hill is not marked in any way, so follow these instructions. X DOES NOT mark the spot.
Good luck, and happy mysteries!

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