All You Can Eat Melbourne

All You Can Eat Melbourne

Where can I find the BEST All You Can Eat restaurants in Melbourne?

Also called buffet or smorgasborg, All You Can Eat restaurants have a long tradition in Melbourne. Everyone remembers Smorgy's, Sizzler and the Swagman Restaurant.

Unlimited food dining is very popular with restaurants throughout Melbourne, so, where are the good ones? The recommendations below are based on Melbourne's best guides:,,, and

What You Need to Know

Avoid your bread and dips (fill you up). Select carefully, avoid fried things that fill you up and eat slowly, drink water and leave room for dessert.

All You Can Eat Restaurants

Fill Up To The Brim With Melbourne's Best All-You-Can-Eat
By James Shackell |
26th Feb 2020

We've all got a soft spot for Smorgy's in our hearts (those of us whose hearts didn't explode after eating 21 consecutive plates of pizza, cinnamon doughnuts and chicken chow mein), but buffets have come a long way since the days of the lukewarm bain-marie. Now, they're actually good.


Melbourne Endless Sushi | Gaijin - South Yarra

Melbourne Luxe Buffet | Melba - Southbank

Melbourne Unlimited Veggo | Crossways - CBD

The best all-you-can-eat restaurants in Melbourne
Adena Maier |
Tuesday 19 July 2022

If you have fond memories of chowing down at your local Sizzler, it's time to elevate the experience with some of Melbourne's all-you-can-eat joints. And if you're imagining buffets with sad, limp salads and stale, unappetising bain-marie dishes, think again. Whether you're after Korean barbecue with endless high-quality cuts or a seafood bar with oysters, lobster and sashimi, we've rounded up the best spots where you can go back for seconds, thirds and fourths with no judgement.


Melbourne Conservatory - Southbank

Melbourne Shinbashi Yakiniku - Carlton

Melbourne Okami Greensborough - Greensborough

The 15 Best Places That Are All You Can Eat in Melbourne
Foursquare Lists |
July 14, 2022


Melbourne Chin Chin - Melbourne

Melbourne Grand Hyatt Melbourne - Melbourne

Melbourne Sofitel Melbourne on Collins - Melbourne

Where Can I Find The Best All-You-Can-Eat Restaurants In Melbourne?
Melbourne Blogger |

Unlimited food and unlimited opportunities, a memory from an all you can eat buffet holds a special piece of everyone's heart, whether it was a family dinner at Smorgy's, an awkward first date at Pizza Hut or a boozy brunch at one of Melbourne's finest.


Melbourne Endless Sushi | Gaijin - SOUTH YARRA

Melbourne Luxe Buffet | Melba - SOUTHBANK

Melbourne Unlimited Veggo | Crossways - CBD

Melbourne Buffet Restaurants
Live list (updated) |


Melbourne David's Master Pot (Elizabeth St - CBD)

Melbourne Straits Cafe Melbourne

Melbourne Conservatory - Southbank

All you can eat restaurants in Melbourne


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