Event Advertising FAQ

This information is designed to assist advertisers when submitting event applications.

  • Advertising Types
    -:- Event Listing*: Standard (complimentary) and Featured (Rate Card)
    -:- Hospitality Listing: Restaurant, cafe, hotel, bar - Invite review.
    -:- Business Listing: Company, Service providers - Not considered.

    *Includes dated events (free entry, $ticketed, community, fundraiser) except class/term/workshops.

  • What happens after an application is submitted?
    Event details are checked for compliance* and suitability, then confirmed by email.
    Time frame: 2 - 48 hours.
    Featured advertising confirmations are accompanied by GST invoice.
    *Compliance: Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA)

  • Where do event listings appear?
    Complimentary: 1. Event Calendar. 2. Event Category | see Topics.
    Featured: + Home Page, Side Bar, Newsletter & Social Media
    Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram

  • Title [Event Listing Heading]
    The title should accurately match the event name: maximum 65 characters
    No words in CAPITALS, promotional or misleading titles.
    Example: OUR EVENT NAME = Our Event Name
    Place promotional 'bylines' as the first line of the event description field.

  • Images
    A single horizontal format image may appear above the event description.
    Images are uploaded (after application) or refer to a hotlinked image.
    Best: (w) 800 pixels x (h) 200 pixels. .jpg .gif .png Filename: same as event name or similar

  • DATE/S
    Use the date picker to select a start date and end date.
    One day (single) event = select same start/end date.
    Event finishing after midnight (12am - 8am) = select same start/end date.
  • Changes [Edit]
    An UPDATE button (example - right) is located below event content.

  • Venue Managers
    AdManager: manage event listings.

     Register < the venue & relationship. 
     Advertiser Login < Registered Users.

  • Press Releases
    We are unable to publish from unformatted content received in press releases, flyers and emails.
    Please use the Advertising Application process to submit all events.