Yarra River Precinct

Yarra River Precinct

Yarra River PrecinctAs the web site welcome says, Enjoy and Explore the Yarra River.

Anything to do with the Yarra River, then visit the excellent www.yarrariver.info.

The Yarra - a natural history
The headwaters of the Yarra River flow from the pristine flanks of Mt Baw Baw in Victoria's West Gippsland region...

The Wurundjeri & European discovery
The Yarra has played a pivotal role in the pre-European history and the modern development of Melbourne...

Development along the Yarra
The discovery of the Yarra, and its fresh water, was crucial to the founding and subsequent development of Melbourne...

Modern development
A succession of new low-profile bridges built during the early 20th century increasingly cut-off the traditional port areas. The sight of tall masted vessels berthed alongside the city centre became a rarer sight...

Since late 1999 the Yarra River Precinct Association has actively represented the interests of small to medium businesses located on and along the river.

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Yarra River Precinct 

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