Wurundjeri Clans

David Krause, Great Grandson of King Billibellary maintains history should be rewritten as the Wurundjeri "clans"not the Wurundjeri "tribe".

The fabricated NTS (Native Title Services) Wurundjeri claim by the descendants of Bebejern through William Barak, and his sister Annie Borat, are founded upon false and misleading facts, that are not supported in historical documents.

Firstly, there is no/never was a tribe known as the Wurundjeri Tribe !

There are no supporting historical documents anywhere in history, that say otherwise !

Our family should know, the recorded principal and paramount chief was our Great Grandfather King Billibellary !

The correct term for the Wurundjeri is;

The 3 Jaga Jaga Brothers clans known as the 3 Wurundjeri clans within the tribe

Which means, the NTS claimants of the Wurundjeri Tribe is false and fabricated, because the Wandins claim through there ancestors Annie Borat and her brother William Barak from there father Bebejern are "True Wurundjeri"which is false, false and false, because never Bebejern or his son William Barak were a Jaga Jaga Brother, and therefore are not "termed"as Wurundjeri !

The fact of the matter is;
Bebejern and William Barak are from the Berrang Bulluk clan of the tribe, which was stated by William Barak himself !

So how is it possible for William Barak to be made Simon Wonga's heir of the tribe and the 3 Jaga Jaga Brothers Wurundjeri clans which ran the tribe, when William Barak was not a Wurundjeri, and therefore could not be Simon Wonga's heir and headman over the Tribe.

Because only a true Wurundjeri person can inherit that position as headman/ headwoman. Not possible, considering historical documenrs state, Simon Wonga had relatives from the Wurundjeri clan, who was King Billibellary's grandson and next heir over the tribe and the 3 Wurundjeri clans.

The false and fabricated NTS claimants/ Wandins, of the Wurundjeri, have no supporting historical documents to support there claim, and fabricated there claim on the minutes report for the Government in the 1800's after the death of Simon Wonga.

There whole is based around that, what needs to be pointed out is, William Barak was asked the question - "are you the leader, people call you king".
William Barak's reply was, "that's what people call me", William Barak never stated he was the headman, or the ruling authority, he simply answered as others did.

At that same time, there was a small number of kings/ queens at Coranderrk station, from different clans and tribes, and none of them was ever recorded as saying they are the headman over everyone, which included William Barak !

Because if you check the Coranderrk cemetery records, they will show Queen Mary Barebun under the name Mary sheba Smith, (daughter of chief Benbow), and Maria Cunningham, the daughter of King Billibellary died 1887 on those records.
William Barak would have been speared if he said he was higher ranking than those 2 women of real authority from governing Chief and super powers of the tribe !

William Barak was a spokesperson, for some of the people, who relied on the support of Pangerang tribe person, Thomas Birdorak.
Who intimidated the people with threats, as recorded on records. Coranderrk Station had a history of violence from within, that extended from a small group of people trying to control the food and the people, which included William Barak as a part of this.
William Barak, was never recorded as saying he was the headman, or he was equal to Simon Wonga/ son of King Billibellary !
The Wandin's claim that over recent decades to improve the false claim through NTS !

Check the historical records, no supporting documents support the Wandin's claim or version of history, nor does history support a Wurundjeri Tribe, only King Billibellary's Wurundjeri clans which ran the much larger tribe.

It is heartbreaking to see the true facts of history distorted by the Wandins and the fabricated Wurundjeri claim, But history clearly shows the TRUTH, and that cannot be overlooked or kept silent !

Records of the Assistant Aboriginal Protector William Thomas and others, record the Warawong Tribe/ Woiwurrung Tribe/ Wawurong Tribe, not a Wurundjeri Tribe.

Further proof is found in Alfred Howitt's records and maps, that record and show a Warwurong Tribe/ Warawong Tribe,
but no Wurundjeri Tribe !

The confusion is;

1/ Assistant Aboriginal Protector William Thomas asked My Great Grandfather King Billibellary to draw the outline of his home/ lands/ authority/ domain.
King Billibellary started to draw a map that went up to present day Voilet Town and past Ballarat and into the Warnumbool and back around through Geelong,
when William Thomas noticed the size of the area Billibellary was drawing, he corrected himself and asked Billibellary to draw only the area where he lives/ resides with his family.

The Outline you see today as the Wurundjeri Tribe, was King Billibellary's drawing for William Thomas, that showed his home, his brother Boronupton's home, and there brother Burberi's home,

(1/ Billibellary/ Wurundjeri clan)
(2/ Boronupton/ Wurindjeri Willam Clan)
(3/ Burberi/ Wurundjeri Bulluk clan).

I want to point something out, (watch this carefully) !
False and fabricated facts that were created, against truthful recorded facts !

1/ Check the history of the key men within the so called Wurundjeri Tribe, (Warawong Tribe)
have a close look at the locations of the fathers and sons.
They are all located near each other/ right along side each other !
All the Principal Cheifs are located centrally, and there sons are located and recorded living near there fathers,
But Bebejern and William Barak are records as located far away from these headmen, and there sons !

(King Billibellary and his son Simon Wonga, are located along side each other, every chief is located near there sons, But Bebejern and his brother Tuart are located far away from these headmen and there son, which clearly points out just how low ranking they were ) !

2/ Bebejern was located near the Boonarong Tribe boundary, (which would suggest his father was of Boonarong/ or a very low ranking Wararong figure !

King Billibellary was located near the Greenstone Quarry/ place of most importance, and at the Head of the Yarra River,
which high ranking chief is located near the Greenstone Quarry with Billibellary ?
That would be Old Chief Juggy Juggy of the so called Taungurung Tribe, (no such Tribe, either), All one tribe) !
Now who is located near Old Chief Juggy Juggy, there is only only one Big/ huge chief located near Chief Juggy Juggy,
and that man is the Big Honcho/ Ruling Entity and sole heir of the Waarrong tribe, "Old Chief Bundowrok"/ Old Mr Cotton,
also known as Baundarong, whose name was abbreviated by European styling to Daungorong/ Taungurung/ lands/territory/area within the Warawong Tribe.
What was Old Chief Bundowrok recorded as, by Assistant Protector James Dredge ?
Warnum/ Waarin, as in Warnumbool !
Old Chief Bundowrok is wrongly recorded by people like Diane Barwick 1984, and that idiot Professor Ian Clark from the Ballarat University/ I've namedhim the 10 seconds Professor,
because that is exactly how long it takes to disprove his versions on our history, which is clearly recorded in black and white, and he still writes incorrect accounts, even though the facts are right in front of him !
These people have recorded Old Chief Bundowrok/ Mr Cotton as being from the Warring clan/ Waarring clan of the Taungurung Tribe,
Old Chief Bundowrk also known as Baundarong/ abbreviated to Daungurong/ Taungurung is his name,
and Warring is not his clan, it is his "Tribe Name"Wawarong Tribe"!

So, it should read as this;

Old chief Bundowrok/ also known as Baundarong/Daungarung/ Taungurung/ Old Mr Cotton of the Warawong Tribe, as it is recorded and written in historical documents and Government archives !

There is no such Tribe called the Taungurung Tribe, that is falsely being claimed by the Native Title Services Taungurung Group, It's is false, false, false, and fabricated, and so very easy to prove as such ! (Historical documents support exactly this).

Now keep in mind the Taungurung Group has also claimed the Yowung as a clan of the Taungurung claim,
Yowung is recorded on historical documents as an independently owned Tribe, that was owned by "Mr King of the Upper Goulburn"area.
Mr King's Yowung tribe was not part of the Goulburn clans, he is recorded as the Upper Goulburn area (past Jamisons).
Another false, false and false and fabricated claim by non traditional owners seeking to erase the true past, and fill there pockets from the Government, by erasing the true traditional owners records.

I should know, because Mr King is another one of my Great Grandfather's, (his son that was recorded by Assistant Protector William Thomas, is on the 1865 marriage certificate, of my great grandparents).

my other great grandfather is the Headman/Chief of the Boonarong Tribe during those days,
"Chief Budgery Tom",

Would you like proof of that too ?

Look on the internet, for the marriage certificate of Timothy Korkanon and Annie Yellieyourook, dated 1865 at Coranderrk station,
(it is held in the Melbourne museum to this very day),
(his name Timothy Korkanon will live in minds of the False Wurundjeri claimants forever),
Check out the name of Timothy's father,
his father is recorded as, "Mongderring".

Now that is an interesting name,
now look up Assistant Protector William Thomas records of Chief Budgery Tom, (Once I succeed).
William Thomas records Budgery Tom as - "Monduring", (Timothy Korkanon's father).

Keep reading William Thomas records, you will see a woman known as Bungurrook, who was the wife of Chief Big Benbow' son/ Yonker Yonker- Robert Cunningham.

Bungurrook is on records as being the daughter of Warawong Cheif, King Billibellary !

Now watch this;

Bungurrook also known as Burragurook/ Gorragurook,
now what does William Thomas record Gorragurook as ? (Narrugurook, wife of Budgery Tom),
But on Timothy and Annie's marriage certificate she is recorded as Gorragorook/ not Narrugurook, but the same woman !

The person writing this letter to you is the direct descendant of these Highly recorded Cheifs in History; (These Chief are my Great Great Grandfathers),

King Billibellary, (1st signature on the 1835 John Batman Treaty) (recorded through a Victorian marriage Certificate, dated 1865),
Mr King,
Chief Budgery Tom,
Tuolwing/ also known as Old George the King,
Cheif old Nerm Nerm,
Chief Big Benbow,
Chief Mowhip (7th Signature on the 1835 Batman Treaty),
Chief Marmarmalar (8th signature on the 1835 Batman Treaty), (his name was Marmalar, his son was Mowhip, and Mowhip spoke with a stutter, and was wrongly recorded as, Marmarmalar).
Chief Powerite also known as Chief Bunganne,
King Billy of Carngham/ Ballarat,
Chief Juggy Juggy,
Old Chief Bundowrok/ Mr Cotton,
and many many more !

All of which can be proven ! (And recorded on historical documents and archived Government records dating from those days).
And we are the "True Traditional Owners", and our Great Grandfathers were the Royals of this once large and powerful Tribe.

Warawong is our Tribe,
Wurundjeri is the 3 Jaga Jaga clans that ruled the Warawong Tribe though those 3 clans, the "Royal clans"so to speak.

King Billibellary is recorded as the Paramount Head Chief, Pre-eminent over everyone within the Tribe (Royality).
His father was Chief Juggy Juggy,
His brother Boronupton was the son of Old King George from the Warmunbool (Eldest Jaga Jaga Brother),
There youngest Jaga Jaga Brother Burberi was the son of Chief Juggy Juggy
(3 Jaga Jaga Brothers, but the eldest brother Boronupton had a different father),
that's why King Billibellary was the Headman, the Paramount Chief over the Tribe, (Because his father was Juggy Juggy, the heir of his father Chief Bundowrok).

There is no such Tribe called the Wurundjeri Tribe, never was, and never recorded as such.
The Tribe was recorded on numerous records as the Wararong Tribe, and King Billibellary was it's head honcho/ Biggest Chief/ The Royal Figure of the Tribe !

Nor is there Tribe called the Taungurung Tribe, that is falsely being claimed by NTS Taungurung Group,
these claims are false, false, false, false and fabricated by greedy self proclaimed traditional owners, that wish to erase the true history of Indigenous Australia.

Proof is in historical documents, and archived Government records, to this very day.

Thank you for your time,

David Krause,

Great Grandson of King Billibellary, and true traditional owner

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