Victorian of the Year

Victorian of the Year

The Victorian of the Year is an award given to the most outstanding Victorian in any given year. The Victorian of the year is awarded in Melbourne by the Victoria Day Council as part of Victoria Day celebrations on Victoria Day, 1 July annually.

The Victorian of the Year should not be confused with the Victorian winner of the Australian of the Year, awarded in Canberra by the Australia Day Council as part of Australia Day celebrations on 26 January annually. Often the same people are winners of both awards. However, only the Victoria Day award is nominated and voted by Victorians.

Other awards in the same series include the Young Victorian of the Year, Organisation of the Year, Good Corporate Citizen of the Year, The Arts Award and the Local Achiever.

Victoria Day Awards

The Victoria Day Awards are made annually on 1 July, (Victoria Day). They are specifically to reward and encourage Victorians in the areas of community and public service. The awards can be made in the following categories:

1. The Victoria Day Award for Community and Public Service.
2. The Victoria Day Award for Community and Public Service by a young Victorian.
3. The Victoria Day Award for Community and Public Service by a Victorian Organisatin or Association.
4. The Victoria Day Award to a Good Corporate Citizen.
5. The Victoria Day Award for the Arts.
6. The Victoria Day Award for a Local Achiever.

The Awards are made by public nomination and selected by the Awards Committee and ratified by the Trustees of the Victoria Day Council. The award consists of a Murray Red Gum map of Victoria on a bronze stand with the name of recipient engraved.

Victorian of the Year

1995 Sang Nguyen
1996 Michael Quinn[2]
1997 Hugh WirthAM
1998 Andrew Kay
1999 Sue Natrass
2000 Susan BartonAM
2001 Neil ComrieAM,APM
2002 Bruce RuxtonAM,OBE
2003 Jim StynesOAM
2004 Tim CostelloAO
2005 Dame Elisabeth MurdochAC,DBE
2006 Les TwentymanAO
2007 Carrillo GantnerAO
2008 Bert NewtonAM,MBE
2009 Ron BarassiAM
2010 Stephanie AlexanderAO
2011 Father Bob MaguireAM,RFD
2012 Moira KellyAO
2013 Jeanne PrattAC[4]
2014 David PeningtonAC
2015 Judith DurhamAO
2016 Dr Alan FinkelAO
2017 Mike BradyAM

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Victorian of the Year

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