Victoria's Worst Job

Victoria's Worst Job

Victoria's Worst JobTHINK your job is the worst in Victoria? Think again.

No matter how much stress you are under or how little you are paid, chances are you don't have to wade through faeces, handle internal organs or pick up elephant poo.

But someone has to do it, so the Sunday Herald Sun trawled through the jobs market to find some of the state's most undesirable occupations.

Top of the list is a group of Melbourne divers who work from dawn to dusk in human excrement.

Workers at East West Dive and Salvage spend so much time in sewers their boss has dubbed them the "poo divers".

Boss Brendan Walsh says his staff's "offices"are sewage farms and water treatment plants.

"We deal more with poo than anyone else in Victoria,"he said.

"Nobody wants to talk to us in the pub afterwards."

However, spare a thought for the person who has to pick up the 200kg of poo Melbourne Zoos five elephants dump each day.

Or the hospital clean-up crews that have to dispose of human waste after operations.

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Victoria's Worst Job 

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