Two Beans and a Farm

Two Beans and a Farm

Two Beans and a Farm Restaurant is situated at the majestic Carome Homestead in Mernda.

The Homestead itself was built in 1861 from local bluestone and is situated on the property that once housed one of Victoria's first water-powered flour mills.

Some remnants of the mill still remain overlooking the Plenty River. The Homestead has been lovingly restored and now provides a historically rich backdrop for this remarkable restaurant.

The premise of 'from the garden to the plate' is alive and well here. The chefs are passionate about using homegrown and locally sourced produce, respecting seasonality, and creating the restaurant's delicious wares 'from scratch'.

Open 7 days a week. Fully Licensed. Community Gardens.

Trading hours -
Monday to Friday 9am till 4pm
Saturday 9am till 10pm
Sunday 9am till 4pm

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