TRY Australia

TRY Australia

TRY delivers a brighter future through learning and community programmes... for those who TRY!

TRY Australia is a charity based in Mount Waverley that focuses on the needs of children, youth, families and communities.

We work across the whole of Victoria from the suburbs to regional Victoria.

TRY Australia is an independent, non-denominational charity focused on giving young people, individuals and families opportunities to reach their potential.

TRY Australia was founded in 1883 with the spirit and ethos of William Mark Forster who believed in the innate ability of the young people who participated in the programs he established and constantly assured young people that if they were prepared to try they would be amazed at what they could accomplish.

'In fact' he told them: 'we should consider ourselves a TRY Society

TRY Australia's services include: vocational programs for the long-term unemployed, English language, literacy & numeracy educational programs, fee for service training, employment programs for the disadvantaged sector of the community, children's services through our 22 Kindergartens and 8 Child Care Centres, youth mentoring through the Big Brothers Big Sisters, Mentoring in the Hood, Young Achievers programs, and a diverse range of fund raising programs that support TRY's charitable activities.

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TRY AustraliaBuilding 2, 1st Floor, 88 Ricketts Road  Mount Waverley Victoria 3149 | Map

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