Ticketmaster Resale

Ticketmaster Resale

Ticketmaster ResaleTicketmaster Resale is an open marketplace for the sale and purchase of live event tickets.

The majority of tickets may exceed face value and prices are set by the Sellers of the tickets. Ticketmaster Resale does not sell tickets, set ticket prices or control the ticket inventory available on the website - we provide the platform from which other people can buy and sell their tickets.

While part of the same family, Ticketmaster Resale is different to "Ticketmaster"which is the authorised agent for the sale of tickets on behalf of the event partners who provide or sponsor events or operate venues.


Ticket resale occurs when customers resell tickets to events. Tickets can often be bought and resold multiple times.

Tickets are sold at a price determined by the seller - this may be more or less than the face value of the ticket. Ticket price is driven by the marketplace and a range of factors including the popularity of the event, the seating location and the timing of the event. Ticketmaster Resale do not set ticket prices


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