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Planning and development issues with a particular focus on Melbourne, Australia

The Melbourne Urbanist is a site for discussion about key issues in planning and development, particularly in my city, Melbourne, Australia. If there is a theme to this site, it is that the data should come first and the development of policies should come second, based on an objective and considered interpretation of what the facts indicate.

A lot of what passes for progressive policy in urban planning is in my view reactionary and ideological. For example, I am very much persuaded that climate change is a serious and imminent issue however I think that some of the touted solutions are at best misguided and at worst counter-productive.

The Melbourne Urbanist is Dr Alan Davies, a principal of Melbourne-based economic and planning consultancy, Pollard Davies Pty Ltd.

The Urbanist

The Melbourne Urbanist has moved to a new address (and taken a new name)!!

The Melbourne Urbanist has moved out of home and is now living in a share house. In true Aussie tradition, the new house mates have shortened my name to The Urbanist

The entire blog has been moved to Crikey, so existing discussions can be continued there.



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The Urbanist 

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