The Magic Zone

The Magic Zone

The Magic ZoneMelbourne's newest and most unique venue, The Magic Zone in Bayswater.

A unique venue in Melbourne to see some of the World's Greatest Magic Tricks performed both on stage and right in front of your nose. Stage style illusions from the last century are presented in an unique setting by some of Melbourne's finest magicians. Four different shows are presented, ranging from magic for children up to a specially created Adult Evening Show.

The venue and associated show is designed to create a magical memory for all ages. The venue is ideally suited for children's Birthday Parties, Family get-togethers, Club Social Events, Company Functions, or Group Fund Raisers. Our disabled friendly facilities mean that it is highly suitable for the elderly and people with disabilities. The venue can be exclusively rented, or simply come along to one of our weekly advertised shows.

Unlike other art forms, magic can be appreciated on many levels by all ages from 4 years upwards. The secrets of magic have been demonstrated for thousands of years and magic has an intriguing history. The Magic Zone has an interesting collection of memorabilia from Music Hall Days, including an extensive poster and prop collection. Many of the tricks from the past still play well in a computerised world.

Children's Magic

45 minutes of high quality magical entertainment specifically designed for children aged between 4 and 12 years old provided by a high quality Children's entertainer. A unique combination of laughs and magic tricks makes the time pass in a couple of minutes. Children enjoy trying to fathom out the secrets and all we can say is Good Luck!

When: Every Saturday

10:30 - 12 Noon
12:30 - 2PM
2:30 - 4 PM
4:30 - 6 PM

Family Show

When: Sundays: 3:30PM - 5 PM

Magic is fun entertainment for all ages from grandparents to their grandchildren. This show is specifically orientated towards a family afternoon's entertainment. Full seating is provided in The Magic Zone and the show is a stage performance. All the performers selected to appear have been practicing the art of magic for many years and this is a unique opportunity to witness magic in an appropriate setting. It is possible to see larger stage illusions, and be perplexed by smaller miracles happening in this family friendly setting. Often the tricks allow for members of the audience to actively participate. To date everybody who has attended has left with all their limbs intact.

The experience starts as soon as you pass into The Magic Zone. Over the years we have collected old tricks and magical posters which in themselves prove interesting sideline before the show or in the interval.

Sit back and let your imagination run riot. We have to do a memorable show, as you are our ambassadors for future shows. We expect you to tell your friends, relatives and work colleagues what a great time you had at The Magic Zone. All we ask is that you keep the surprises and secrets to yourself, so your friends can enjoy them in the same manner.

Adult Evening Show

When: Saturdays (7:30-9PM)

Be Prepared to laugh. Be Prepared to be an integral part of a night's magical entertainment. Be Prepared to lose sleep thinking, 'How on earth did they do That!'

Live Entertainment is always exciting as anything can happen. And anything usually does happen when you visit The Magic Zone. This absorbing stage show is designed for adult audiences, prepared to accept that for a short time at least, anything is possible. Someone once commented that they thought it was Las Vegas in Bayswater. Obviously they have never been to Vegas.

The show features large stage illusions and interactive material. Anybody can get involved and we encourage audience participation. Full seating is provided for 100 patrons.

Gone with the Wand @ Northcote Town Hall - 2015 Magic Festival

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The Magic Zone⊜ 25 Michellan Court Bayswater | Map
25 Michellan Court Bayswater
9729 8918

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The Magic Zone

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As the state takes action to stop the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19), please confirm details before making plans ).

Disclaimer: Check with the operator before making plans...

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