The Listies: Melbourne Museum Guide

The Listies: Melbourne Museum Guide

The Listies totally serious 100% fact filled guide to the Melbourne Museum

Melbourne Free audio guide
Melbourne BYO device and headphones
Melbourne Guide length: One hour
Melbourne Suitable for humans aged 5 to 500 million (dinosaurs allowed).

Children's comedians The Listies present their totally serious and not at all silly 100% fact-filled guide to Melbourne Museum.

Join Rich (the smart one) and Matt (the other one) as they venture forth to discover the secrets of the Learnadome (what Matt calls the Museum). Encounter the bizarre, the interesting, the ridiculous and funny side to Melbourne Museum in a surreal and LOLtastic audio guide.

Discover the smelly nickname for 1890s Melbourne! Learn what rocks are really worried about! Meet Errol the Bower Bird and find out his favourite colour! Visit the shark dentist! And, ride on an escalator!

Let's get started!

To do this tour you will need your own headphones and device. It takes about an hour to do walking around the museum or you can listen along at home or on the way.

Use our handy map and the pictures on this page to hunt for the next stop, then press play or listen completely out of order for a hilarious tour - both is ok. Please take as long as you like and enjoy yourself! It is totally fine to get distracted by other cool stuff along the way.

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Kids love the museum with this guide

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 Melbourne Museum [ view ]
 11 Nicholson St Carlton Victoria 3053 View Map
 Telephone: 13 11 02

Melbourne Museum 11 Nicholson StCarltonVictoria131102

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The Listies: Melbourne Museum Guide

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The Listies: Melbourne Museum Guide