The King's Tribune

The Tribune started as a small newsletter for our beloved local bar, The King of Tonga, but, unlike many endeavours born in bars, this one grew legs and took off at a spanking pace.

The Tribune, and by extension its editors, are all being dragged kicking and screaming into the new millennium.

Our little paper publication got whacked up on the internet; after years of casting scornful glances down at Facebook from our firm position on the luddites high moral ground we're now regularly facebooking from our iphones; and we finally got the email version of the mag going out every month (Sign up! Sign up! Box to the left!!!), so we thought we were done.

I said all this to our Digital Marketing Guru one night over a bottle of wine, expecting praise and plaudits. But no, he smiled pityingly at me and started talking about tweets and online communities and multi media communication and a whole of other stuff I didn't understand.

Well, I'm game (and I'm not too old, I'm NOT) so I stagger bravely onwards.

The Tribune is now on Twitter (@kingstribune) which, my guru tells me (more pitying smiles) is not the same as being able to use Twitter. Do stuff with it, he tells me. Join conversations and participate, he says.

So I log in again and stare at the screen.

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The King's Tribune

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