Japanese Teppanyaki Inn

Japanese Teppanyaki Inn

The Japanese Teppanyaki Inn (or simply The Teppanyaki, as many know it) was established in 1975 in Collins Street in Melbourne's CBD and was the first Teppanyaki style restaurant in Australia.

It continues today under the same ownership and attracts many regular customers both local and from Australia and overseas.

"Teppanyaki" is a style of cooking in which the chef prepares various seafoods, cuts of beef, chicken and fresh vegetables in front of the customer and cooks by grilling on a large steel hotplate called a "Teppan". In Japan "yaki" refers to ingredients that have been grilled, hence Teppanyaki.

The Restaurant concentrates on an authentic, restrained style of Teppanyaki as practised in Japan and does not indulge in throwing eggs, prawns, rice bowls - or anything else - at the customers! Rather, the aim is to cook the best possible ingredients in a skilled and respectful manner.

Closed from the 24th December to the 11th January 2017.

Re-open Thursday 12th January 2017.

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Japanese Teppanyaki Inn182 Collins St  Melbourne Victoria 3000 | Map
03 9650 9431

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