Swordcraft is a Medieval Live Action Battle Game and LARP where players fight with reinforced, realistic looking foam rubber weapons and padded arrows. Some of us wear armour, but you don't need anything to play.

Think of it as paintball meets medieval/fantasy battle - carnage with a dash of medieval re-enactment, roleplaying and cosplay. We are inspired by everything from history to LOTR, Warhammer, WoW and beyond.

We are based in Melbourne, and meet weekly for battle games and monthly for larger games.

Friday nights at the Southern Pavilion of Princes Park, Parkville (Just North of Cemetary Rd Wests on Royal Parade)

Time: On your first night, try to get there by 6.30pm and expect to finish around 10.30pm.
Important - check the Weekday night game plan page to learn how the night will run

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask us on facebook or call us on 0409 403 660

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 Ikon Park | Princes Park [show]

Royal Parade  Parkville Victoria 3052 | Map

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