The comedy film Spotswood was made in 1990-1991 and directed by Mark Joffe.

With an incredible cast by today's standards, it included such well known names as Anthony Hopkins, Russell Crowe and Toni Collette.

Spotswood is a funny, eccentric and affectionate film aboutn people who work in a run-down moccasin factory.

The film pitch in 1992 read.. An expert on productivity shows wacky workers in 1966 Australia how to run their moccasin factory like clockwork, despite laying off more than half the workforce.

Storyline: Wallace is an efficiency expert, managing the high-profile downsizing of a major auto parts factory. But when he is hired to evaluate a small moccasin factory which seems from another era, Wallace has to reconsider the rapid modernization he advocates, as he is confronted by the human faces such plans hurt.

Anthony Hopkins - Errol Wallace
Ben Mendelsohn - Carey
Alwyn Kurts - Mr. Ball
Bruno Lawrence - Robert, Carey's Father
John Walton - Jerry Finn
Rebecca Rigg - Cheryl Ball
Toni Collette - Wendy Robinson
Russell Crowe - Kim Barry
Angela Punch McGregor - Caroline Wallace
Daniel Wyllie - Frank Fletcher
John Flaus - Gordon
Gary Adams - Kevin
Jeff Truman - Ron
Toni Lamond - Mrs. Lorna Ball
Jill Murray - Ophelia, Carey's Mum (as Jillian Murray)

Screenwriter: Max Dann and Andrew Knight
Spotswood was released as The Efficiency Expert in America.

A goof that will make Melburnian's giggle.. The last scene shows Carey and Wendy on the house roof with the West Gate Bridge in the background. The film is set in the 1960s and bridge was not built until 1978.

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