SkyhooksSkyhooks formed in Melbourne in 1973 by Melbourne boys Greg Macainsh, Freddie Strauks, Bongo Starkie and Shirley Strachan with UK import Red Symons.

Skyhooks gained a cult following during the seventies with albums like Living In The 70's and Ego Is Not a Dirty Word. Skyhooks were one of the first commercial bands to write songs about Australia for Australians instead of copying their UK/USA cousins.

Adopting elements of glam rock and with lyrics that presented frank depictions of the social life of young Australia in the 1970s, the band shocked conservative middle Australia with their outrageous costumes, lyrics, and on-stage activities.

Much of the group's success derived from its distinctive repertoire, most of which was penned by bassist Greg Macainsh.

The name Skyhooks, came from a fictional organisation in the 1956 film Earth vs. the Flying Saucers.

See the YouTube link below for a huge collection of Skyhooks videos including Horror Movie (1975), All My Friends Are Getting Married (1975), Why Don't You All Get Fucked (1978), Women In Uniform (1978), Smut (1975), Ego Is Not A Dirty Word (1975) and many others.

Keep in mind, Countdown was in its heyday, and video clips reigned supreme (as did the Iron Chef)

Great (great local) music, theatre, rock, Skyhooks were cheeky, brash, colourful, wore makeup, songwriter Greg Macainsh with a grab bag of amazing tunes-many sprinkled with Melbourne place names and Australian themes, put together the band that would change the musical history of our country.

It lit the fuse that put Australian bands back on the front covers of newspapers and Australian music on the shelves of record shops.

Proudly Australian, even prouder, from Melbourne

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Living in the 70's (2015 Remaster)

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