Rochester Hotel

Located on the corner of Johnston and George Streets, the Rochester Hotel has a low-key, relaxed atmosphere during the week providing the ultimate home away from home for many a Fitzroy local.

Shunning pretentious furniture and over-priced cuisine, the Fitzroy institution or 'The Rochy', as its affectionately known, offers arguably the best value-for-money pub grub on the north side of the river in a comfortable, modest setting.

A pool table and some old-school games machines (not the evil kind) are also on hand to entertain at the back of the deceivingly large venue.

If you are looking for a quiet, civilized Friday or Saturday night, you may want to avoid the Rochy. Clampdown and Black Night Crash DJs play indie rock, garage, and brit-pop til 3am to the masses every weekend. However if you simply desire a cold ale in the sun on a lazy arvo, the Rochester Hotel is home to a leafy beer garden surrounded by brick walls coated in street art.

was Rochester Castle Hotel

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Rochester Hotel⊜ 202 Johnston Street, Fitzroy | Map
202 Johnston Street,Fitzroy
03 9419 0166

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Rochester Hotel

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