Riding 6,800K for Climate Change

After 6,800 kilometres, 42 talks and an average daily cycle of up to 150km a day to spread the message about climate change, Melbourne father of two John Knox is making his way home just in time for Christmas.

At 54, he decided that he was sick of politicians talking the talk but not walking the walk on climate change, and rather than simply watching the lack of action being taken, he would play an active role in helping to shape the world in which his two children, as well as friends and family will live in.

John's plan is called Ride-the-Talk and he embarked on his big plan in July, holding talks around Australia to help Australians learn how they can make a difference as individuals by reducing their own carbon footprint.

Undertaking the journey on his own with only a small support crew back in Melbourne, he got onto PlanBig, a website where people work together to make big ideas even bigger and turn them into reality.

An initiative of the Bendigo and Adelaide Bank, it is the contemporary iteration of the bank's core approach, now drawing on the strengths of social networking to facilitate community outcomes.

Through PlanBig, he has been able to gain support to help get his plan off the ground and raise awareness for both his cause and his talks. He is also using PlanBig to encourage people to sign his online petition, which implores the government to take start taking climate change seriously.

'PlanBig has been a huge source of support for my plan,' John said. 'Connecting with like-minded people and getting their support, advice and encouragement has been very helpful and motivating.'

'Sometimes when things get tough, it can get really lonely if you are doing it alone. PlanBig has allowed me to constantly interact with others, reading messages of support and kind offers of help along the way. Having a support network through PlanBig has made such a difference to my journey.'

'It's been hard to be away from my family for such a long time, but my kids are the reason why I'm doing this,' said John. 'This is the best Christmas present I can give them.'

The aim of Ride-the-Talk is to raise awareness about the simple things people can do in their everyday lives that save energy and that everyone can make a difference, even as an individual.

'It's about recognising that everyone can make a difference, especially if we come together with as a community, which is also what PlanBig is all about too', John said.

Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Managing Director, Mike Hirst, says budding entrepreneurs, dreamers, creative thinkers, community leaders and anyone with a bright idea should visit the site. 'The site is a home for people with a shared interest or common goal. You can log in and plan your project with the help of other planners, or join up and support other people's plans.'

To view the Ride-the-Talk PlanBig plan visit www.planbig.com.au/ride-the-talk.

To find out more about PlanBig, or to start your own plan visit the PlanBig website at: www.planbig.com.au.

Update from John Knox : I came back to Melbourne a little early last week for family reasons I won't go into. I feel as if I haven't properly finished this stage of my odyssey so I will be returning to the road, complete with trailer, next week to ride into Melbourne. ...and, look out Tasmania, I haven't forgotten you; I'll be down there in February to continue to RideTheTalk.

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Riding 6,800K for Climate Change 


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