Protectors of Public Lands (Victoria) Inc

The Protectors of Public Lannds (Victoria) is a coalition of community action groups and environmental organisations, whose charter is to protect and preserve significant public lands in public ownership for present and future generations.

Significant public land, once sold, is land lost to the people forever. When governments sell land that is of significance or value to the people, they are also selling our children's future. Governments shall not be allowed to act in this way.

The public, as represented by community groups and environmental organisations, being concerned at the alienation of significant public lands, has resolved to come together and form a coalition with the following Charter.

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Protectors of Public Lands (Victoria) IncPO Box 197  Parkville Victoria 3052 | Map
9818 4114 mobile 0408 022408

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Protectors of Public Lands (Victoria) Inc

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