Probus | Seniors Club

Probus | Seniors Club

Probus | Seniors ClubProbus is all about Friendship, Fellowship and Fun in retirement.

Probus Clubs are clubs for retired or semi-retired business or professional people. Its basic purpose is to provide for its members regular opportunities to keep their minds active expand their interests and to enjoy the fellowship of new friends.

Retirement can come too early for many people who want and are able to remain active. Probus clubs are organizations for men and women who have retired from their profession or business and want to maintain a social network with others who have similar interests. Each Probus club is sponsored by a Rotary club and meets at least once a month for fellowship and to hear guest speakers. Today, there are over 300,000 members in approximately 4,000 Probus clubs worldwide.

The involvement of a Rotary sponsoring club with a Probus club varies. Rotary clubs typically approach retired or semi-retired candidates in their community and organize the formation of a club. Once established, the club becomes an autonomous organization and its members take over leadership. Potential Probus members are not required to be past members of Rotary. Fewer than 10% of Probus members are former Rotarians.

Since 1985, the Rotary International Board has encouraged Rotary clubs to initiate projects that address the needs of a growing senior (over age 60) population. At its March, 1994 meeting, the Board reaffirmed its commitment by urging Rotarians to organize and support Probus clubs as a commended community service activity.


The Probus Club movement was formed in the United Kingdom in 1965 but has now spread worldwide. Each Probus Club is independent, endeavours to be simple in structure, be free of the constraints and obligations of service clubs and involve members at a minimal cost.


As a Probus club member you are entitled to access exciting benefits:

Melbourne Flagship Probus publication - ACTIVE RETIREESTM Magazine
Melbourne Competitions
Melbourne Probus Member Benefits Scheme
Melbourne Probus National Insurance Scheme
Melbourne Probus Travel Insurance
Melbourne Probus Getaways

Probus already has 130,000 members. Why not join them?

How To Join

Step 1 is to find a local club and see if they are accepting new members. Once you've found the club you wish to join, you can fill out the online form or contact Probus. If the club you wish to join is full, you may go on a waiting list until there is an opening, or think about joining a nearby club.

If you have no luck finding a Probus club that is looking for members then telephone Probus to have your contact details included in the Probus Central Register for persons seeking Probus membership. You will be contacted when there is a new club in your locality.

Within Australia 1800 630 488 (toll free) or +61 (2) 9689 0200

Find a club

Because of the independent nature of Probus Clubs, there is no one central web site to source information worldwide. Australia is served by Probus South Pacific where a search can be made by typing in a suburb, postcode and state to find your nearest club.

Melbourne Start Search

Join 130,000 retirees across Australia and New Zealand today and discover the wonderful world of Probus, look for your local club Here.

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