Pink The Restaurant

Pink The Restaurant

For us, it's about redefining healthy Italian food for a new generation that goes beyond just skin deep”.

The only Healthy Italian Restaurant

where wholesome food meets authentic self-love

​Come eat, share & self-love with us. says

One of the most photogenic venue designs of last year was CBD cocktail bar Peaches. It went all-out with its plush pink interiors and peach-to-white graduated staircase - and it's nothing less than gorgeous.

But now there's a challenger hoping to steal Peaches' pink crown - Pink the Restaurant. From the roof and walls to the tables, chairs and even the handrails, it's all pink. Everything, pink.

"Instagram has typically been owned by the people who know the tricks, or the beautiful people, so we've tried to create a space where everyone can feel beautiful,"co-owner Darren Male tells Broadsheet.

"Pink is a beautiful colour that represents love,"says Male. "Pink is associated with rose quartz as a love healing mineral for heart chakra ... It's a colour that makes people want to share their experience, and that allows us to reach out into the wider community with the 'self-love' messaging."

And social media is a big part of Pink the Restaurant. There are three custom installations in an upstairs "selfie studio", including a mural by Juzpop Creations that Male describes as a "beautiful hairstyle that's expansive".

"The idea is that people will take a photo with it and feel beautiful, because it's a piece that adds beauty to the overall shareable photo."

For every photo of the mural tagged #frompinktoyou, Pink the Restaurant will donate $2 to women's mental-health charity Liptember.

Even the food on the Mediterranean-leaning menu will be pink. Pizza bases have been coloured with beetroot, and for dessert there's pink-white chocolate fondue. Elsewhere you'll find "mega shakes", rose cocktails, and fairy floss that comes with a rose quartz "self-love"bracelet. The venue is located above an outlet of Italian restaurant chain Rozzis on Swanston Street.

"It's almost like your first impression of what you're going to, is not what you end up seeing. You've got to look further than the surface to see the inner beauty,"says Male.

Published on 05 June 2019

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