Nuttea - Melbourne Central

Nuttea - Melbourne Central

Vegans, this one's for you. Australia's first Nuttea location has opened in Melbourne Central, offering 100% plant-based milk tea.

From farm to cup they use nuts as the core ingredient, resulting in an extremely creamy, eco-friendly bev. The creamy topping is so thick and delicious, they even give you a mini shovel to dig in!

Mylk with a Why
NUTTEA is made by health and environmentally conscious people who love a cup of tasty mylk tea. With nuts as the core product, our aim is to continuously create nut mylk which not only tastes great, but also contain many health benefits that won't cost the Earth.

Despite the mainstream popularity of cow's milk, many consumers are not aware that humans have changed the ecology of dairy cows. This is done by extending the natural lactation period of cows to produce more milk in order to increase commercial value. This is the reason why NUTTEA is committed to producing the best quality Nut Mylk as a substitution for cow's milk so that we can set our cow's free and still be able to enjoy a tasty cup of mylk tea.

As a result of the growing appetite for plant-based milk from vegans, non-vegans and lactose intolerant consumers, we have seen a myriad of plant based milk products. These include almond milk and cashew milk which are available in supermarkets, usually found in the long life milk section. What many people don't know is that these contain a very small fraction of nuts (less than 8%) and often made using nut powder with added preservatives and additives to prolong shelf life. The uniqueness of NUTTEA Nut Mylk is that it is made fresh daily from real nuts with no added preservatives and additives. When you choose NUTTEA, you are getting the best quality product made with love and care!

Our Location
Our Flagship store is located at Melbourne Central

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 Melbourne Central | Shopping Centre [ view ]
 Corner Lonsdale Street and La Trobe Street Melbourne Victoria 3000 View Map
 Telephone: 03 9922 1100

Melbourne CentralMelbourneVictoria

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Nuttea - Melbourne Central

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