Mr Yum - 5 Kilometre Takeaway Options

Mr Yum - 5 Kilometre Takeaway Options

The best website directory for Melburnian's under stage 4 lockdown...

This New Mr Yum Directory Lists All the Takeaway Options Within a Five-Kilometre Radius of You

For most Melburnians, life is being lived in a bit of a bubble, thanks to the latest stage four restrictions limiting movement to within a five-kilometre radius of home. And, as a result, we've all become very good at mapping out where we can go for our daily grocery shopping and hour of exercise.

Now, hospitality ordering platform Mr Yum is taking the headache out of plotting your next at-home restaurant fix, too, with its latest feature: a handy directory listing all the eateries offering takeaway and delivery within five-kilometre radius of you. Any venue can sign up to be included in the online directory for free, regardless of whether it uses Mr Yum or another platform like UberEats or Deliveroo. And with over 500 spots already listed, you've got a seriously comprehensive list of food options to browse, all gathered neatly in the one place and ready for some pre-dinner menu surfing.

Plug in your address over on the directory's home page to access a hefty list of cafes, restaurants and bars located within five kilometres of your house, each with a quick link to its ordering system and menus. You can scroll through to see who's offering pickup, delivery, or both, and which venues are currently open or closed. No more chucking individual restaurant names into Google Maps to figure out which kitchen's serving spicy pork ramen within range.

The directory has just about every kind of food craving sorted, with cafe favourites like Proud Mary and Mayday listed alongside dinnertime go-tos including Sister of Soul, Pastuso and Fancy Hank's. You'll even find drinking destinations like Moon Dog World, Beer Deluxe and Collingwood brewery Molly Rose, slinging a mix of food and booze.

The Mr Yum's new five-kilometre directory list is available to browse online.

Source:This New Mr Yum Directory Lists All the Takeaway Options Within a Five-Kilometre Radius of You
Taking the hassle out of your pre-dinner menu surfing.
By Libby Curran |
AUGUST 12, 2020


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Mr Yum - 5 Kilometre Takeaway Options

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Mr Yum - 5 Kilometre Takeaway Options