The Motley Bauhaus

The Motley Bauhaus

The Motley BauhausThe Motley Bauhaus is a new kind of art space.

An art, craft and performance centre dedicated to promoting skills based art practices, encouraging intermingling across all disciplines and spreading art like a virus through the community.

With exhibitions spaces, several studios, a theatre, a podcasting booth and a bar we are providing a space for artists to work, mingle and interact with each other and the world at large.

The Motley Bauhaus

The ultimate aim of the artist today is survival.

Once valued and exalted members of society, the artist has now been pushed to the fringes, forced to etch out a little piece of life by any means they can, whilst occasionally passing commentary on the world around them. Not as members of that world, but rather as rarified, unappreciated and exotic foreign creatures.

A new world is upon us. Robots stand poised to take away the workers means of production, the media takes a back seat to backyard journalists, while truth keeps trying desperately to put it's pants on.

This is the age of mediocrity. Our revolutionary leaders have been traded for social media and in a world where a persons entire existence can be negated at the speed of a million retweets, fear of standing up to the onslaught of public scrutiny has lead to a void of inspirational leadership. What is left is a society directionless, motionless, lost in a sea of half formed ideas presided over by shysters, conmen and buffoons.

Traditionally in these times of political turmoil people look to their artisans to shine a light into the darkened recesses and find the hidden way forward. Unfortunately it is these exact recesses that are now home to the shriveled masses of artists already discarded by the world around them. The beautiful symbiosis of artist and audience has now become a broken relationship, like two ex lovers still living in the same share house.

While all the while the masters of creation, exalted by their rich benefactors and to the absolute exclusion of all others preside over an arts industry, where once their was an arts practice. Streams of money flow through entire mechanisms, festivals and centres, fueled by the free labor of the artists upon who's shoulders it's all built.

So how do we reestablish this unity? Reunite these spurned lovers. The responsibility lies squarely on those self same shoulders, those who seek to etch out a life of artistic pursuit. The old ways of artist as genius lead to nothing but the idolization of false gods floating above society in a bubble inflated by their own ego.

So it is time for a return to craft. To skill based arts. To technique. To artists that have the necessary physical ability to excel in their chosen art form. We must be active, fit and hard working. Always looking for opportunities to better ourselves, always searching for new ways to grow and strengthen our skills. Be sharp and intelligent, listening to the world around and ready to reflect it back with barbarous wit, infectious joy and absolute love and kindness.
If artists are once again to be respected members of society (and it is crucial that they are) then those self same artists owe it society to have the skills necessary to call themselves artists. That word must mean something.

Locked away in studios and workshops, it often feels as if an artist walks a lone path through this life, but they should know that in this life they are not alone. For all artists, from those who shape clay to those who tread boards, those you scratch on paper to those that spin through the air, we are all just one big motley crew of creators, working towards a common goal. All communicating through different dialects of the same universal and ancient language.
So let us create a new guild of craftpersons without the class distinctions that raise an arrogant barrier between craftsperson and artist.

And let this place be not a vicious factory demanding absolute and unequivocal brilliance. Our goal is not practically perfect polished work this, that and every time. But rather a fun house of experimentation. A place for audiences to revel in seeing skilled artists throwing it all up in the air, turning it all on it's head, test driving, cutting teeth. Staring oblivion in the face and bending it to their will. Lets fail spectacularly and have fun doing it.

And let the Motley Bauhaus be not a final destination, but a stop along the way. Little more than a roadhouse outside the gates to the golden city of creativity we shall build together.

So powder those dance shoes, prime that canvas, dust off the vocal chords and ink that quill. Society needs us. And we need them.
Because we may well be able to live a life without art, but what a shit life that would be.

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The Motley Bauhaus⊜ 102 Scotchmer Street Fitzroy North | Map
102 Scotchmer StreetFitzroy North
0449 916 853

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The Motley Bauhaus

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