Montsalvat is an artist's colony in Eltham established in 1934, and home to over a dozen buildings set amongst richly established gardens.

The colony of Montsalvat has a detailed history that reflects the life of Justus Jorgensen and his friends and family, there is also a legend behind its name, while its buildings and gardens are stepped in the art and culture of Melbourne and its surroundings.

Architecturally Montsalvat has much in common with a simple French village in Province a mix of rustic architectural styles.

Justus Jorgensen was an architect and as a former student of Max Meldrum had spent many happy hours painting around Eltham. In 1934 Jorgensen purchased land and with his friends and students commenced the buildings that became Montsalvat, 26kms from Melbourne.

A lot of materials came from the many beautiful buildings of Melbourne that were being demolished to make way for modernisation. The addition of mud bricks, rammed earth, the local mud stone , bush timbers, and a great deal of hard labour, Justus Jorgensen's vision took form.

The Great Hall with its polished slate floor, large open fire place, wooden refractory tables and stained glass windows. Our blue-stone chapel with its picturesque pond or the long gallery and the associated pool area provides the perfect setting for a wedding, social function or business conference .

Open seven days a week from 9am to 5pm.
Entry fee:- Adults $ 10.00, Concessions $8.00, Children $6.00, Families $24.00.
Admission to the Barn Gallery Exhibition Space is normally free.

How to get there: Montsalvat is located just 35 minutes from the Melbourne CBD.

Use public transport where possible. Montsalvat is accessible by bus, which is a 7 minute trip from Eltham Station. For train and bus timetables visit Public Transport Victoria. Trains run frequently from Melbourne CBD suburbs to Eltham.

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Montsalvat7 Hillcrest Ave  Eltham Victoria 3095 | Map
(03) 9439 7712
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