Montague Street Bridge

Montague Street Bridge

Montague Street BridgeHow many bridges do you know of that have it's own web site, Facebook page, YouTube tribute videos and twitter account?

The much maligned Montague Street Bridge in South Melbourne does.

The bridge has been hit by vehicles so many times, it has taken on a life of it's own.

According to Cameron Huckell who brings us it's web presence: it's Facebook page is to document the people who fail to realise the height of their vehicle or the bridge itself.

TheAge calls it: Melbourne's most battered overpass.

Headlines include:

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Is it too low?

The bridge is 3 Metres (10 Feet) above the road level.

There are 26 advanced warnings signs and two new gantries to stop people from hitting the Bridge. more..

Is it a "bridge too far"to suggest it's time they dug the road down and increase the vehicle clearance from 3.0m to 4.7m?