Melbourne Systema

Melbourne Systema in Coburg North is Australia's first full time martial arts school solely dedicated to the Russian art of Systema offering both private and group classes.

Power. Focus. Fitness. Confidence. Self defence.

These are some of the things associated with Martial Arts. But with so many to choose from why train in Russian Martial Arts at Melbourne Systema?

The answer is Practicality.

At Melbourne Systema we don't train for competition or rehearse choreographed routines. The techniques we utilise are tried, tested and true. Our one of a kind teaching methods educate and give you knowledge that is applicable to everyday life.

Our dynamic and refreshing approach provide you with the skills you need to protect yourself, family and friends.

At Melbourne Systema classes are held in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. Training exercises usually take place with two or more people working together to help each other learn.

Each class is 90 minutes in duration.

Our syllabus offers a broad range of training. For beginners, the important initial steps are in learning to fall and roll correctly, working with correct posture, breathing and movements and learning to cope with punches, kicks, grabs and holds.

As your confidence and ability grows training will include:

-:- Practical and effective self-defence techniques

-:- Awareness training and body language interpretation

-:- Understanding the psychology of a confrontation

-:- Exercises for health, fitness and conditioning

-:- Comprehensive breathing methods

-:- Balance, movement and co-ordination

-:- Striking using all parts of the body

-:- Restraining and joint locks

-:- Defence from various positions and multiple opponents

-:- Defense against common street weapons

❊ Address & Contact ❊

Melbourne Systema⊜ 18 Catherine St Coburg North | Map
18 Catherine StCoburg North
0414 507 375

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Melbourne Systema

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