Melbourne has something a bit special about it

Melbourne has something a bit special about it

Melbourne has something a bit special about itI was looking for an old image of Melbourne when I came across this page. Beside having a good image, it presents a view of Melbourne which we all share.

The article is appealing to teachers looking for teaching jobs in Australia to come and look in Melbourne.

Independent School Jobs

Melbourne! Loyalists will fight all day over whether Melbourne or Sydney is Australia's greatest city, but even the most dyed-in-the-wool New South Wales loyalist would have to admit that the state capital of Victoria has something a bit special about it.

Is it the age, the architecture, or those alleyways? The magnificent MCG and stadium district, or the short distance to the backpacker-loved Great Ocean Road, with its countless delights and wonders? A bit of all, and a bit of something less tangible, probably. The good news for the prospective teacher in the private schools of Melbourne is that you don't need to figure it out-just enjoy it!

Independent School Jobs in Melbourne-even restricting yourself to the elite field of private schools Melbourne-isn't as difficult as finding a similar job in the smaller cities of Australia, or out in the countryside.

However it still falls to you to be discerning in your hunt for school teacher employment - Melbourne is like any big city in that it can have gorgeous and less favourable areas within a stone's throw of each other, and it can take a great deal of accumulated knowledge to figure out which is which.

Finding the best school teacher employment out there

One important thing to bear in mind is that you needn't shoot for the top straight off the bat. Of course you should give it a try - find the most prestigious private schools Melbourne offers you, and make an enquiry. But if nothing is coming back, that doesn't mean your dreams of teaching at an elite private school in Melbourne are dead-just that you might have to slip in via the back door.

Look into state school teaching. The experiences you pick up in the lower economic background of a state school will be held in great stead by the schools administration of private schools.

Network! There's probably no area of hunting school teacher employment where this isn't the most important thing you can do. A recommendation from a friend will make the Principal of a leading Melbourne private school pay far more attention than an unsolicited resume-make the right kind of friends and half the battle may be won.
Bear in mind always that there's a lot more to being a private schools teacher in Melbourne than your school-Melbourne has so much to offer, make sure you take advantage of every last inch of it!

Source: anzuk* Teachers

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Melbourne has something a bit special about it 


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