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One of the best sources of old Melbourne film footage comes from Gezza1967.

Nore sure if this relates to Alex 'Jezza' Jesaulenko from Carlton in the 70's but he says he is interested in footage, film, photos and videos of the old Melbourne town he grew up in.

Port Melbourne Factory Swallow & Ariell's

March 1905

Living Melbourne 1910

Footage from the video 'Living Melbourne' 1896-1910, from the National Film & Sound Archive released in 1988.

Port Melbourne Beach | October 1910

Yarra River 1910

About Jezza: If I had a time machine I would go back to the 70's & 80's for a holiday when Footy was at its best and the legends of Oz rock were playing at the local Pubs around Mebourne.

Growing up in Melbourne I come across and hung out with an era of youth subculture that included allsorts from sharpies, surfies, louts, bogan's [in which I never heard the word until a group of uni students yelled 'bogan to me from a speeding car :-] in 1985, footy heads - I was in the Collingwood cheer squad from 1980-81 and a lot of teen's from single/broken familes.

Over the years I had all these phases at times in 1977 I had a surfie stage with long blonde hair and clothes like golden breed and crystal cylinders. When we first arrived in Australia from England as a 6 year old and we were at the Enterprise hostel in Springvale from November 1973 to Mid' 1974 then moved to Doveton until January 1978 over those 4 years I recall watching Countdown and listening to 3XY and loving all the Oz Rock music, and at the time I tried my hardest to become an Aussie and looked up to all the older kids in gangs and whom looked and acted tough.

After a few years in Oz I lost my pommie accent and gained a full on Ocker accent and run a muck in Doveton, until I went with my brother to St Augustine's in Geelong until December 1981 for 4 years for some much needed discipline ! that's were I first got a cross ear ring,and a sharpie connie cardigan,but also got in footy more and had a stage of the Collingwood duffle coat with all the badges and names on them and my wall then covered with Collingwood photos. Meanwhile my parents moved to the Carlton commission flats a year later in January 1979 were we would come to stay with them on some weekends and there run a muck in Carlton and around Melbourne and loved the inner city life and having a big group of mates that played lots of footy and cricket matches at the Carlton Red Flats and then sometimes get upto no good out late at night but mostly just hanging around having fun. . The rock group Kiss were huge then and my room was covered in there posters. Then in 1982 I was at Princes Hill High were I stuggled with another change of school but loved the footy and cricket there with some new mates and it was great back living at home in Melbourne to stay. I left school the next year in 1983 got tattoo's and into a bit of trouble but it was good because I learnt my lesson early in life and turned my life around. Not before getting a sharpie haircut with dyed blonde rat tails in which leads me to the sharpie story! I was at Flinders st Station with a mate Ivan and there used to be a Hamburger/food van there near the stairs, I've gone up an ordered a pie, when I was rudely interrupted by about 10 sharpies whom were around 18-20 years old, I was 15 y.o in 1983 at the time, they were as rough as guts with heaps of tatts on there neck arms,ect and one of them was a girl whom looked just as tough as all of them!, one of them poked me in the chest and said, "what gang are you in? none I said, 'why you got a sharpie haircut then'?, because I want one, I said', Give us some money? No I said, give us your earring? No I said again-very timidly the whole time, and then came the question that I look back on with great fondness as do all the people I've told over the years- "Give us a bite of ya pie then"? [that still makes me laugh 25 years later] when I still said no to the pie request, he then said to one of his sharpie mates 'Hit him one Bobbsy' in which he punched me in the mouth, they let me go and I took off to the safety of the Swanston St tram where Ivan laughed at me saying haha you got bashed by Sharpies!! I had a few tears in my eyes, and I don't reckon I cried because the punch hurt that much it was more because I always looked upto the Sharpies and was more disappointed that they picked on me instead of me been accepted by them :-] I reckon they may have been the last of the sharpies because I cant recall seeing much of them again, I went home and trim my rat tails so they werent' so obvious,my brief Sharpie days were over and then I was on the brink of my next phase and was the brilliant music of Cold Chisel the band that I have stuck with since and Mainly Aussie Rock.Cheers Gezza.
1st of May 2008.

I am not interested in buying, selling or trading any footage as this is only a hobby of mine. A lot of this footage is under copyright laws from the owners and some is my own footage as well. YouTube have given me permission for footage to be left uploaded as they profit from the advertising on top. I am more than happy to add in the Annotations Editor on the clip or under the description the owners details.

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