Melbourne Disc Golf

Melbourne Disc Golf

The Melbourne Disc Golf Club is a not-for-profit organisation which aims to create a local community of players and to spread awareness of this enjoyable, challenging and environmentally responsible sport.

Simply put, disc golf is like traditional golf but with a 'Frisbee-like' disc instead a ball and club.

One of the fastest growing sports in the world, the aim of disc golf is to get your 'disc' into an elevated metal basket in the fewest number of 'throws' or shots. Just think 'ball golf' but your arm is the club and the disc is the ball!

Active and outdoors
Friendly competition
Accesible for variety of ages and abilities
All weather, all seasons
Environmentally friendly
Social & FUN!

Disc golf shares the same joys and frustrations of traditional golf, whether it's nailing a long putt, sinking an 'ace' (hole in one) or hitting a tree halfway down the fairway. As in 'ball golf,' a typical course will have 9 or 18 holes, but each hole only averages between 50 and 150 metres. Natural obstacles like trees and lakes add a challenging dimension to a course.

Disc golf, is a fun, inexpensive, healthy and environmentally friendly game that can be enjoyed irregardless of age, gender or ability. Give it a try today!

Start by exploring local courses, our 'come & try sessions' before our monthly League Day competitions or contact us for more information.

The Melbourne Disc Golf Club meet on the third Saturday of every month to play Disc Golf.

Ruffey Lake Park
Church Road Carpark
Doncaster, Victoria

Stony Creek
310 Hyde St, Yarraville, 3013

Barwon Valley Disc Golf Course
Barrabool Road, Belmont

Phillip Island
Blue Gum Reserve Disc Golf Course
101 Dunsmore Road - Cowes, Victoria

Licola Wilderness Village
Jamieson Road, Licola, Victoria

Dinner Plains Disc Golf Course
Horseshoe Circle, Dinner Plain and Surrounds, VIC, 3898

Bald Hill Park, Clarinda (Clayton)
ClarindaVictoria1300 653 356

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Melbourne Disc Golf

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Melbourne Disc Golf