Malvern Star

Malvern Star

Malvern StarTom Finnigan who began Malvern Star Cycles, started his business career following his win in the 1898 Austral Wheel Race.

The prize money (240 gold sovereigns) and the fame from this win enabled him to set up his own bike shop in 58 Glenferrie Road in Malvern.

Tom built the business and began to manufacture bicycles he called "Malvern Stars". He specialised in touring and racing bikes. Business grew as the popularity of cycling grew in Australia.

In the face of strong competition from larger English and American firms local bike shops such as Finnigan's prospered and multiplied. Finnigan was able to gain the endorsement of Don Kirkham, then one of the best known cyclists in Australia.

By 1920 Tom Finnigan had established a solid business with a reputation for integrity and service. Don Kirkham's racing success gave support to the sporting credentials of the Malvern Star machines. The six pointed star that Finnigan introduced has remained the symbol of Malvern Star to this day.

Malvern Star Today

Malvern Star is now proudly owned by Pacific Brands, Australia's leading distributor of Bicycles and Parts & Accessories. The same ideals' that Tom Finnigan used to shape Malvern Star more than 100 years ago, that is, to build bicycles with the ideal balance of Performance, Style and Comfort, are still deeply embedded in the brand today.

Many of us have grown up with Malvern Star, from riding in your parents' driveway for the first time without training wheels to heading down to the corner store or beach with your friends. Malvern Star continues to give the same experiences to a new generation.

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Malvern Star⊜ 47-67 Westgate Drive, Altona North | Map
47-67 Westgate Drive,Altona North
1800 333 054

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