Macleay College

Macleay College

Macleay College is a private tertiary college offering practical 12-month diploma courses.

Our courses provide graduates with everything they need to land the job of their dreams and get started on their career path. The Macleay News Room is one way we facilitate this practical approach to education.

Macleay College exists to make careers happen. We offer learning facilities just like other colleges and universities, but the big difference is how we approach your education.
Our teachers are still based in industries, often running their own businesses. You'll get access to the latest industry thinking, great contacts for work and plenty of practical work experience to help you get a job at the end.

Bachelor of Journalism
Bachelor of Business
Event Management
Sports Business
Travel & Tourism
Public Relations
Book Editing & Publishing
Real Estate

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Macleay College55 Swanston Street  Melbourne Victoria 3001 | Map
1300 939 888

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Macleay College


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