Little Champs Sports Club

Little Champs Sports Club

Little Champs Sports Club: KIDS SPORTS! Enriching All Aspects of Your Child's Life

It is a known fact that there are many hurdles that children must face as they grow up. For example, obesity and problems socializing are two common issues facing children under ten years old. Little Champs Sports Club serves as a stalwart ally against all manner of problems facing children in their youth so that they are prepared to deal with them as they grow up. Serving children from 16 months to 6 years old, they offer a means for children to be physically and mentally fit.

Little Champs Become Champs

Little Champs is a sports club serving Cranbourne, Dingley, Hallam, Pearcedale, and Tooradin, with the potential to grow as more parents decide that they would like their children to become fitter and smarter. The Little Champs Sports Club is run by a group of dedicated individuals who want children all over the nation to become self-confident and individualistic while becoming more fit. They do this by training each child's body, mind, and soul so that they can achieve their motto, which is to 'Be a Good Sport and keep their future Active'.

Appealing To Fitness

The major goal of Little Champs Sports Club is creating physical fitness in children while they are young so that their habits carry over into adulthood. The government recommends that each child has at least an hour of intense physical activity so that they can maintain their health, with increasing amounts as the child ages.

Since Little Champs understands that fitness needs to be introduced in a fun and safe way, they have a whole variety of activities that children can take part in so that they can find an activity they can love for life. Some of fitness activities are soccer, rugby, tennis, and basketball- all of which are taught rules first so that every child is safe.

The result of these sports activities are increased cardiovascular fitness, strength, reduction of the possibility of obesity, and stronger muscles. These abilities will translate into better abilities and more willingness to participate in sports as they grow older.

Mental Skills

If you are looking for a way to give your child a boost in thinking skills as they grow, then Little Champs Sports Club is perfect for you as well. You can only have your young child study and read so much. What they really need to learn is how to approach situations through experience. At the sports club, they can learn the proper motor skills and the ability to do basic math, both of which are taught during the actual sports.

Your child will use sports scores to reinforce their knowledge of counting and numbers. Along with this come basic motor skills, the ability to effectively communicate with one another to issue orders or respond to some. Young children can also learn about different colors as well as the mental acuity to respond quickly to changing situations.

Little Champs emphasizes fitness of the mind as well as the body, giving your children a head start on developing these skills or simply reinforcing them so that they can be perfected.

Making More Sociable Children

Another one of the problems that are facing young children is their increasing wariness when it comes to speaking and working with other children. This has been seen as the result of a more technologically-oriented society, but it can be remedied in a camp setting like the one offered by Little Champs Sports Club. Exposing your children to the ideas of social interactions while they are young makes them more equipped to be successful with them in the future.
Working as a team towards a common goals allows them to build the confidence to lead their team. It can also teach them how to follow instructions from the Coach on site, as well as see the value that other children's ideas may have. In turn, your child will learn teamwork, confidence, and that losing is acceptable and serves as a way to examine your personal skills.
These are all social skills that every child needs to have if they want to pursue higher levels of physical and mental fitness as they grow older. This formidable combination or mental, physical, and social health can lead to a well-adjusted child who is prepared to be successful when they enter school.

Little Champs- Year-Long Fitness

Another one of the best aspects about Little Champs is that they manage to have fitness programs that are available almost all year round. They do this because they are dedicated to providing their clients and their children with the ability to exercise and learn as often as possible. Each one of the different term dates has a variety of activities that punctuate the different skills that are covered.

Since each term brings together so many children who come to view one another as teammates and friends, the end of the term comes with a small celebration of their accomplishment. There is a class photo taken and a presentation ceremony that is meant to commend the children on their dedication.

A Growing Trend

Little Champs Sports Club represents a growing trend in early childhood fitness. More parents are finding that they want their kids to get involved at an early age. While many people are very willing to engage their children in physical and mental fitness, some parents may want to see what this sports club has to offer. That is why Little Champs Sports Club offers trial classes so that you can see what they are all about. When your child comes up to you sweating and smiling at the end of class, you will know that this will be the right place for them.

The fact of the matter is that it is never too soon to have your child learn about the importance of sports, safety, rules, and getting along with other people. Not only will the children learn about how to increase their fitness, they also learn how to be better people as they continue to grow.


Little Champs Sports Club provides a fun and interactive multi sports program for preschool children. We offer a range of Educational activities in a playful and entertaining program.

Our Mini Champs, Little Champs and Chief Champs programs are designed to give young children the opportunity to learn, experience and interact with children their own age through active play.

We foster self-confidence and independence whilst developing balance, co-ordination and important leadership and social skills. For more information about Little Champs Sports Club, please visit

MelbourneVictoria0421 348 036

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