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Updated: March 15, 2019




(80 minutes) MA

This stylish debut feature by Australian writerdirector David Barker may have been done on a low budget but size doesn't inhibit its ambitions as it dials up from thriller to horror movie to a full-throated cry of revenge. SH



(91 minutes) PG

Alan (Bill Nighy) and his elder son, Peter (Sam Riley), are meeting to go to a morgue to view an unidentified body that could be that of Michael, Peter's brother, who hasn't been seen since he walked out on a family Scrabble game at the age of 17. The plot - what there is of it - is episodic with every vignette crafted to highlight the idiosyncrasies of one character or another. SH




(97 minutes) M

We don't learn anything about who Mads Mikkelsen's character is or where he came from. He keeps to a routine, determined by a series of alarms on his watch and then finds himself responsible for a badly injured young woman. PB



(111 minutes) PG

Willem Dafoe plays a loosely factual account of Vincent van Gogh's agonised yet productive final years, in the south of France. Director Julian Schnabel's interest centres less on the man than on the artist: what would it be like to see the world through Van Gogh's eyes? JW



(123 minutes) M

Capharnaum is a Dickensian tale updated to the slums of modern-day Beirut with 12-year-old Zain as its Oliver Twist. He's precociously streetwise and impressively foul-mouthed , with a certain entrepreneurial flair. SH



(123 minutes) M

After an encounter with a mysterious being known as the Supreme Intelligence - incarnated all too briefly by Annette Bening - Captain Marvel, played by Brie Larson, finds herself in mid-1990 s Los Angeles. Larson is well cast, the supporting cast under-used . JW



(97 minutes) PG

When Bella, the star of this movie, starts her long trek home through the mountains, she meets various kinds of human. The movie is pure corn from start to finish, but in a nice way. It's aimed at kids from about age five to 12, so the characterisations tend towards the black and white, but there are surprises, too. The film is based on a book by W. Bruce Cameron, who seems only to write books about dogs. PB



(133 minutes) M

The first 30 minutes of Asghar Farhadi's new film teems with life and love. The sun shines on green and dusty hills full of vines, somewhere outside Madrid. Penelope Cruz, as Laura, flies in from Buenos Aires with her gorgeous and lively 16-year-old daughter Irene (Carla Campra) and her baby son. Happiness disappears in an instant when Laura goes upstairs late in the night, to find that her daughter is missing. PB



(100 minutes) M

Theresa Gelbman (Jessica Rothe) is caught in a ‘‘ time loop' ' compelling her to be murdered on her birthday. In short, she's trapped in a ‘‘ slasher' ' variation on Groundhog Day. This time it's more comedy of a chaotic kind. SH



(133 minutes) M

This adaptation of Angie Thomas' novel about America's racial divide is a delicate balancing act for 16-year-old Starr Carter (Amandla Stenberg) that's brought to an abrupt and shocking end the night Khalil (Algee Smith), a friend from childhood, is shot dead by a policeman. SH



(119 minutes) MA15+

Barry Jenkins takes James Baldwin's 1974 novel and finds a tone that pays respect to Baldwin's tough but elegant prose, without losing sight of the filmmakers' creed: make it your own, not just highlights of the book. Beale Street is struggle street, but also the centre of black culture, where music and fun and love may flourish. PB



(108 minutes) M

Set in London, the film is based on a celebrated real-life burglary. Michael Caine plays the gang's mastermind, Brian Reader, a semi-retired career thief. Director James Marsh establishes a jokey, almost quaint tone, a kind of light-hearted caper where the crooks are more loveable than not, but he never finds a through-line , a specific dramatic outcome he can persuade us to care about. JW



(116 minutes) M

Much of Clint Eastwood's career has been built on his tough-guy act, his squint of disgust suggesting depths of rage and sadism. Written by Nick Schenk, who collaborated with Eastwood on his 2008 hit Gran Torino, The Mule is loosely inspired by the true story of a Michigan horticulturist and florist who in his 80s became a courier for a Mexican cartel. JW



(74 minutes) MA

This low-budget first feature from 23-year-old Australian director Luke Sullivan sits at the bleak extreme of the current vogue in dystopian fantasies. It's set in a swamp where an unnamed man and his teenage daughter are struggling to survive in the wake of some unexplained catastrophe. Enigmatic? Definitely. Sullivan's interest in context and atmosphere is strictly confined to the paranoia governing their relationship. SH

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