Lake Wendouree

Lake Wendouree is an artificially created and maintained shallow urban lake on the outskirts of Ballarat.

Since 1864, when a rowing course was first cut through the reedy swamp, it has been carefully nurtured by council and public spirited citizens. There is probably no better example in our country of such a well-used lake which strikes a balance between a myriad of potentially conflicting interests.

Lake Wendouree is an urban oasis for passive recreation:

Precinct 1
Rustic Fountain Area

Precinct 2
View Point

Precinct 3
East Shore

Precinct 4
North Shore

Precinct 5
Northern Promontories

Precinct 6

Fairyland starts at the bluestone pillars near St Aidan's Drive and extends to the Swan Pool near Lake Pavilion. You can feel close to nature here, experiencing the changing seasons of a cool climate, walking along the rustic flagstone path, surrounded by fine old trees and tranquil pools.

A quarter of the storm water catchment inflow to the Lake is now treated by a 3 stage wetland in the North Gardens Reserve, which is a big improvement on the monastery drain which it replaced.

The island sanctuaries and close proximity of the reedbeds make this area a refuge for wildlife. About 150 species of birds are listed for the Lake and on a good day it is not difficult for birdwatchers to record about 50, mostly in this area. It is also the habitat of 3 species of mammals and most of the aquatic plants at the Lake are native species. Trees at Lake Wendouree.

Precinct 7
Lake Lodge

Precinct 8
Windmill Drive

Precinct 9
Olympic Precinct

Precinct 10
South West Shore

Precinct 11
St Patrick's Point

Precinct 12
South Shore

Precinct 13
Yacht Club Area

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Lake Wendouree

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