La Pinta: Reservoir Tapas

La Pinta: Reservoir Tapas

With the shared Italian Spanish and French heritage of our team we are the proud legacy of European migration to Melbourne.

Our spot on High Street has had many previous lives with locals fondly recalling visiting the space when it was a beloved billiard room or espresso bar.

Some of these ventures may have cheekily skated the boundaries of legality at the time but we can only admire their spirit!


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Being so steeped in history we were careful to retain this sense of community while creating La Pinta. We chose to gently renovate the space while still preserving details such as the decades-old murals daubed on the walls.

Our blackboard menu is ever-changing in order to prioritise seasonality. While things may change swiftly we've provided a sample menu below to give you an idea of our style.

Most importantly our ongoing focus is to support small-scale regenerative agriculture via our network of local farmers and producers.

By choosing to serve some of our wines beers and the odd cocktail on tap we are not only supporting these local producers directly but we are also helping combat packaging waste. Because of this we are able to pour high quality wines from just $5 per glass.

Our team are proud local residents who have dreamed of opening a restaurant in this area for many years.

We've been overwhelmed by the outpouring of support over the past few months and it's been an absolute blast becoming part of the Reservoir food scene.

It's time to show you what we can really do!


Team La Pinta

Review: Dani Valent

Some restaurateurs open successively bigger grander enterprises. Not Catherine Chauchat whose new 30-seat tapas bar is smaller than anything she's done before. In its pocket-sized simplicity and direct connections to farmers and diners it's the perfect restaurant to take us into 2021.

Ms Chauchat's last restaurant was Boire a 60-seat Collingwood darling known for its tight menu (three mains) milk ban (black coffee only) and easy warmth. In 2013 Chauchat returned to her native France for two years before realising Australia is the country of her heart. She came back studied psychotherapy and fetched up at Pinotta in North Fitzroy where she met chef Adam Racina.

Together they hatched the plan for La Pinta and found an old Italian espresso bar to bring it to life. They kept the kitsch murals and installed a large central bar with open kitchen. The counter is a captain's bridge from which Ms Chauchat can pour $5 vermouth and wine from tapped barrels sling plates from the kitchen and tortilla from the cabinet talk about the important stuff - wine humans farming - and keep things humming. La Pinta feels casual but it is very deliberate a balance of rigor and informality that means labour and costs are reduced and prices stay low.

The food is free-wheeling though more Spanish than anything else. A broccoli salad comes with florets and stalks plus raw cauliflower and its pickled stalks - not much hits the bin here. Meat is minimal and chosen carefully. " Spent hen' ' fettuccine makes a treat of tough laying birds brining browning and braising the meat into a deeply flavoured ragu. Beef heart is also brined before searing and tossing with pickled shallots to create a bright nose-to-tail salad. Mackerel is topped with broad beans capers and a dressing with garum the ancient Roman version of fish sauce fermented by Mr Racina for eight months.

This is unfussy farmer-focused food served without artifice. But La Pinta is also a thoughtful treatise - about how people should interact with the world and each other - in the entirely palatable form of a tapas bar.

Wed-Sat 4pm-late Tapas: $5- $10; Plates: $10- $20

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