Kryal Castle

Kryal Castle

Kryal CastleTake a step back in time, and journey inside Australia's only Medieval themed adventure park!

Within the walls of Kryal Castle in Victoria, you'll find a sprawling medieval village of activities including jousting tournaments, wizardry, sword battles and much, much more! For lovers of anything pre-15th century, you'll lose yourself in this fantastic replica village that boasts the aura of the real medieval times.

Explore the lavishly decorated castle complete with themed passageways, view the fascinating (and somewhat terrifying) torture chamber exhibition, watch as knights joust to proclaim their bravery and so much more - this unique adventure park will guarantee you hours of fun! Best of all, if visiting with children, Kryal Castle hosts dedicated kids activities including militia training that allows the Kryal children to learn the skills of knighthood including sword fighting and firing the Castle catapult.

Perfect for all ages, you are bound to find plenty of things to do in Kryal Castle to please everyone! The castle is also home to an on-site resort that is also decked out with a medieval theme ensuring all the fun doesn't have to end at the park. Make a weekend out of this great attraction and truly embrace the opportunity to feel like a King or Queen!

The castle is open to the public on weekends, public holidays and Victorian School Holidays from 10am to 4pm with the last entry admitted at 3pm. Book your tickets now and get ready for a very memorable experience that will leave you wanting more!

Dragon's Labyrinth

Start your journey at Kryal Castle uncovering the stories of King Arlen and Queen Cordelia, the many magical creatures of the forest, and the beautiful She-Dragon, Ushnagh. Uncover the story deep within Ushnagh's lair, where lay her magical eggs and the secrets of the Kingdom. Dragon's Labyrinth is a new sound, light and special effects walk through entry attraction, which sets the scene for the NEW land of Kryal Castle...

Torture Dungeon & Museum

When it comes to history, the horrible bits are sometimes the best! Explore the dark side of human history - not for the faint-heartened - viewing the fascinating Torture Museum exhibition before you encounter the dungeon of doom deep within the Castle. Are you brave enough to enter? Suggested ages: twelve years and up.

Castle Arena re-enactments and shows

Experience the thundering drama of the joust as brave knights and their magnificent mounts face each other in the Castle Arena. Join in the action and choose your champion, cheering in the hope that your Knight of choice will be triumphant!

Mounted Skill at Arms shows can be seen twice daily.

Knights Round Table Tower and Throne Room

The Knights were men of courage, honor, dignity, courtesy, and nobleness. They protected ladies and damsels, fought for Kings, and undertook dangerous quests. Browse through the Tower, getting to know the Knights who keep watch over the Castle during their daily meeting, and behold the impressive armory and weapons showcase.

Oggle Watch Tower

Kryal Castle is home to the Oggles, magical creatures of the forest. Oggles, by nature, are tricky and mischievous fellows. Explore the Tower and the Enchanted Tree to keep watch on the Oggles. Listen for them singing in their hollows, calling in the children and telling tales of what the earth was like before humans.

Wizards Workroom

Magic is alive at Kryal Castle! Enter the medieval wizarding world in Oggle Watch Tower to discover the magic that exists within the Castle. Our very own Wizard will entertain with magic and wonder...

Fairies and Goblins Wonderland

Once upon a time, in the land of Kryal, was a world seldom seen where fairies spread beautiful magic and goblins plot naughty tricks..

For a touch of enchantment, children can step into the pages of their own story, have their faces painted and dress up as fairies, goblins, a courageous knight or a beautiful princess. Children will be enthralled at story time by the wonderful Fairy Queen.

Tooth Fairy Lolly Shop

Visit the legendary candy store to satisfy every sweet tooth! The shelves are lined with delectable and colourful sweets - who knows what flavors you'll discover!

The Maze

The most puzzling attraction at Kryal Castle built on the myths and legends of the land of Kryal. Take up the challenge.. you won't believe your eyes!

Jesters Theatre

An extraordinary live performance setting that presents original shows, pantomimes, variety acts and off-the-cuff theatre! The hilarious Jolly Jesters and other characters are sure to split your sides and provide a memorable entertainment experience at Kryal Castle.

Kings Britches Costume Parlour

Travel back to one of the greatest periods of time as you enter our charming boutique Costume Parlour and are magically transformed - into peasants, Lords and Ladies, or Knights in shining armour!

Have photographs taken in costumes with accessories and props. This is your chance to join in the Kryal fun!

Sword in the Stone

Who wields the magic sword? Can someone be found who has the courage and strength to be the new ruler of the Land of Kryal?

Try your luck!

Village Traders

Stroll through the bustling Village Markets to find a vibrant strip of activity and where you can witness the manufacturing of everything from jewellery, weaponry, dolls and puppets and take home a piece of medieval life.

Ancient Cemetery

Upon entering the Castle grounds guests will be confronted with the ancient cemetery. Read comical anecdotes regarding the life and death of infamous persons and characters of notoriety.

Submerge yourself in medieval times with a visit to our quaint Chapel, which has been beautifully restored and elaborately furnished. In medieval times, the Chapel was one of the most dominant parts of any castle, so too is it a great treasure of Kryal Castle. Chapel hire is also available for weddings.

Kryal Castle is just outside Ballarat, one hour from Melbourne. From Melbourne, the Western Freeway leads past the townships of Bacchus Marsh and Ballan, to Ballarat.

Being set on the side of Mt Warrenheip, from the Castle grounds you can enjoy beautiful views over Ballarat and the surrounding countryside.


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Kryal Castle

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