KlopDetails are a little sketchy, but it is thought that noise was an important feature of Klop's early days. Woodsmen from Carelia, near the Finnish-Russian border, would carve the blocks from the birch forests and fling them around erratically, breaking the enduring silence.

Apart from being tremendous fun, legend has it that the sharp sound the wooden blocks made as they hit each other, klop, caused enough ruckus to keep the hungry bears at bay. So out of much fun and wood flinging the game we now know as Klop was invented.

The secret of Klop is that anyone can play it. All you need is a knack for some block rocking feats - an ability to fling the chuck and send the pegs flying.

Let's Klop!

Number of players: 2 or more.

Set up: Mark a line and set the pegs 3-4 m in front of the line.

Scoring: Take turns to throw the chuck underarm at the pegs. If more than one peg is knocked over, you score the number of pegs knocked over. If a single peg is knocked over, you score the number on that peg. If no pegs are hit, you score a strike. Stand the pegs up where they fall.

Strikes: If you miss three turns in a row, you are out of the game.

Winning: The first player to score exactly 50 points wins. If you go over 50, your score goes back to 25 and the next player takes their turn.

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