Is D24 a tradition that is very famously Melbourne!

Is D24 a tradition that is very famously Melbourne!

Is D24 a tradition that is very famously Melbourne!Is D24 a tradition that is very famously Melbourne! You would think so!

What a grand idea to retain the D24 tower which has stood on top of the Russell Street Police Headquarters building for as long as we can all remember!

We have come to recognise the famous lankmark as a part of Melbourne. We all remember the start to the television cop show... Homocide... the car swings a "U"turn in Russell Street to stop outside that unique building! The same building that defiantly stood as the home of justice and truth for all Melburnians.

And with some sort of dignity, the developers plan includes retaining the skyline view. Signigicantly, the refurbished red and white tower will crown the glory, that symbol of truth, justice and the Melburnian way!

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Maybe it was the mention of Homocide, that I then thought of Crawfords...
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Written by Bob Potts. The author accepts responsibility for any comments and views expressed in this article.
On 27'' May, 1995 an article appeared in the Melbourne 'Herald-Sun' newspaper titled 'Police Farewell'. It was subtitled 'Russell Street said it all-police, the law, authority. Police reporter Greg Thorn looks at the end of an era, which spanned more than 130 years.'

Accompanied by a photograph of the former impressive art-deco styled Russell Street, Melbourne police headquarters, the article succinctly detailed the history and significance of the building and its site, with the text revolving on the comment that;

'...for more than 130 years Russell Street was the symbolic heart of policing in Melbourne'.

The article went on to describe the history of the well-known Russell Street, Melbourne building, its character, use and traditions. It was at the time about to be replaced at another somewhat remote site by a
. . .new home which will be clean, modern and boast the latest in modern technology and resources...

Little did I realize that this article could have been a harbinger of things to come in South Australia.

For just as the Russell Street police headquarters had provided a highly recognized and readily accessed police facility, with many inter-related police functions on one 'traditional' police headquarters site, so too the former South Australian police H/Q site at No. 1 Angas Street, Adelaide had for many years provided the same or similar facilities.

And now, just 6 years later we find that 'Number One Angas Street' the well known, highly recognized and readily accessed police facility is no longer the 'home of policing' in S.A. Although strictly not located at No 1 Angas Street, the location earned that recognized title when the police headquarters and functions were located in the Adelaide Magistrate's Court building on the corner of Angas Street and King William Street. When the new purpose-built police station/headquarters building was erected as recently as 1965 east of and adjacent to the court building, the title of 'Number One Angas Street' which was so well known to police and public alike went with it.

The former No. 1 Angas Street building is being replaced by a number of somewhat unrelated sites in the
City of Adelaide, none of which has any apparent relation to the background and traditions of policing in
S.A., nor arguably to the efficiencies brought about by factors such as proximity of policing units, ease of
public access etc.

It is interesting to use the Herald-Sun article as a template for comparison of the S.A. experience with that in Melbourne.

Whether it be the familiar site of the D24 radio tower high above the distinctive art deco Building to Melburnians, Russell Street is synonymous with the word police.

Though the block is dominated by the distinctive main building erected in 1943, the police presence on the site dates to 1857, when a small bluestone building was constructed to house an enquiry counter and two offices.

The site has been the location of nearly every significant change to the Victoria Police in its history, from the formation of the criminal investigation branch (CIB) in 1889, the revolutionary Wireless Patrol in the 1920's and the arrival of D24 communications, which draws its name from the original room it was housed in corridor D, room 24 (Oh, I've gone all goosebumply!)

In the old days with the promotion system, you always came and started your new rank here, then fanned out to the suburbs or country so it's a comfortable old place, synonymous with the word police, I suppose.

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Is D24 a tradition that is very famously Melbourne! 

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