Recording free-to-air TV using IceTV and a media center PC, Mac or PVR couldn't be easier-simply view our on screen 7 day TV guide, highlight the program you'd like, then press record.

Once recorded, your TV programs appear in your library with their name, episode name and description. The choice is yours. Watch, pause, rewind or fast forward anything you've recorded. Highbrow, lowbrow, short or long. Snack on TV or sit down for a full feast. You're in complete control of what's shown and when. It's incredibly liberating. If your media center PC, Mac or PVR has two tuners you can even record 2 programs at once while watching a third pre-recorded program.

Supercharge your Media Center PC, Mac or PVR.

IceTV EPG: The independent Australian electronic program guide. Our very own, independently compiled 7 day TV guide for all Australian digital free-to-air TV stations in most regions. IceTV EPG is available for most areas of Australia that can receive digital free-to-air TV.

Padding: Don't miss a second. Media Center PCs, Macs and most PVRs can automatically add time to the start and end of recordings. This ensures the entire program is recorded, every time. You'll never miss the start or end of that show again. Windows Media Center users will love the extra record padding our software adds-boost the standard 4 minutes up to 60 minutes!

Series record: Automatically record every episode. Series record lets you automatically record your favourite programs whenever they're aired. Just hit series record and watch your library fill up as the shows are broadcast.

What do I need? To access all these great features, you'll need a TV, a broadband internet connection, an IceTV enabled media center PC, Mac or PVR and an IceTV subscription. An IceTV subscription costs as little as $2 a week. Try IceTV for free by registering for a 30 day trial.

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