Huxtable Restaurant

Huxtable Restaurant

Huxtable is a collection of practices, observations, beliefs and experience accumulated over a many years in the industry and squeezed into one business model.

When deciding what to apply to this model the brief was simple 'All the things that work and none of the things that don't.'

We believe we've chosen correctly.

Huxtable is a place where anyone can come and enjoy great tasting, uncomplicated food matched with wine and beverages that express consideration and experimentation delivered in an environment that is comfortable and easy to use.

Seating Times for Dinner Reservations

Huxtable has 2 seating times:
Early - 6pm til 8.15
Late - 8.30 til late

Our early seating start time is flexible but the 8.15 finishing time is not as we must honour the 8.30 reservations. Thank you for respecting this policy.

Group Reservations

All groups of 6 people or more are required to enjoy our set menu: a selection of 10 courses and is a collection of 5 bites and 5 share plates and costs $50 per person.

We are happy to accommodate most dietary restrictions.

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