Hey Hey It's Saturday

Hey Hey It's Saturday

Hey Hey It's SaturdayRegulars include Livinia Nixon, Red Symons, John Blackman, Russell Gilbert, and Wilbur Wilde along with Plucka Duck, Ossie Ostrich and Dickie Knee and segments including Celebrity Head and Red Faces.

Hey Hey It's Saturday

Hey Hey It's Saturday began life as a children's show on Saturday mornings before turning into the iconic Australian television show we know today. It ran for 27 years on the Nine Network in October 1971 to November 1999 with Daryl Somers its host and Ossie his side-kick Ostrich.

Two unseen personalities pivotal to the show's success was voice-over announcer John Blackman and sound operator Murray Tregonning. Blackman was voice of "Mrs McGillicuddy", "Angel", "Norman Neumann", "The Man From Jupiter"and cheeky "Dickie Knee"with a hand operated (Crystal) hat and wig on a stick while Tregonning could find the perfect sound effect within a moments notice.

Some of our favourite segments included "What Cheeses Me Off", "Red Faces", "Media Watch Press"and "Chook Lotto"with Plucka Duck.

Names to remember include Jacki MacDonald, Red Symons, Wilbur Wilde, "Molly"Meldrum, Russell Gilbert, Dr Deane Hutton, Denise Drysdale, Jo Beth Taylor, Livinia Nixon and Penne Dennison.

The Castle - Hey Hey It's Saturday!!

The only show better than "Hey Hey It's Saturday"is "The Best of Hey Hey It's Saturday"!

Harry Connick Jnr

The 2nd Hey Hey It's Saturday reunion show on Wednesday 7th October 2009 sparked controversary when Harry Connick Jnr complained that an act in Red Faces was racially charged.

The controversial skit involved five doctors, aka "The Jackson Jive,"performing a parody of the Jackson Five. The group, host Daryl Somers told viewers, had performed the identical routine 20 years ago when they were medical students.

After a visibly uncomfortable Connick gave the group a "0"for their performance during the judging portion, the show cut to commercial, when Connick made his alleged abrupt exit. Back on air Somers apologized for offending Connick, a New Orleans native whose musical schooling came from many of the city's African-American jazz musicians: "I know that to your countrymen, that's an insult to have a blackface routine like that on the show, so I do apologize to you."

In response Connick said: "We've spent so much time trying to not make black people look like buffoons, that when we see something like that, we take it really to heart ... If I knew that would be part of the show, I probably, I definitely wouldn't have done it."

Few Australian's agreed with the American entertainers point of view, believing the skit to be typical of Australian humour and simply harmless fun.

Ironically, the incident raised Connick's own past. In 1996 he slightly darkened his skin to portray an African-American preacher character when he appeared as a guest on the American sketch comedy show "MADtv."

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