Guess the Google

Guess the Google

Guess the GoogleKiwi designer Grant Robinson has created 'Guess-the-Google' an incredibly additive fun game that utilizes images from Google.

There are ten rounds to each game. At the start of each round you are presented with 20 images in a montage. You then have 20 seconds to guess the keyword that is common to all these Google images. In other words, what keyword would you have to use in Google Images Search to include these images in the search results pages?

You get points for each round you correctly answer, and the faster you answer the higher the points you receive. The page conveniently lists the keywords that you have already tried. At the end of the game, you can key in your name to record your score and if it is in the Top Ten for the day you will be listed on the start page.


Have fun!

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Guess the Google 

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