Goalball Australia

Goalball Australia

Goalball is the only team sport for the blind played at Paralympics level.

In a game of Goalball all players are blindfolded (for evenness) a basketball sized ball with bells in it is thrown from one teams end to the other in attempt to score a goal (back line of the court). the other team must block the ball and throw it back. court size is 13m by 9m.

Goalball originated in Europe after World War Two (1946) as a rehabilitation for blinded war veterans. It is the only international team sport for the vision impaired played at the Paralympics. The game has been played at international level since its introduction to the 1976 Paralympics in Toronto, Canada and is also included in the World Championships for the Blind.

Australian Goalball Championships

Australian Goalball Championships is an annual state vs state competition held in a different state each year. Support Victoria at Australian Goalball Championships, a sport for the blind and vision impaired.


Our local competition is held at the Scotch College Junior School hall, Kooyong.

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Goalball AustraliaCallantina Road  Kooyong Victoria 3144 | Map

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Goalball Australia 

Goalball Australia

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